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Q& A with World Trade Centre Relationship CEO

Dilasha Seth & Indivjal Dhasmana / Fresh Delhi November 27, 2012, 13: up to 29 IST

Universe Trade Centre (WTC) Association CEO Richard R Dahl says that it may take 14-15 months to generate seven towers in New York city in place of dual towers damaged on 9/11, eleven years back. This individual tells Dilasha Seth and Indivjal Dhasmana that WTCs are underrepresented in India. There are two WTCs--one in Mumbai and another in Bangalore. Two more happen to be coming up in Manesar (Haryana), which has partly started, as well as the other one in Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh. As a whole, there would be 9 WTCs in India, that may also be underrepresentation, he says. Modified interview:

The infamous a crash down in the twin towers in New York happened on 9/11, 2001. How do your organisation deal with that?

It was 12 years ago. That incident has not been related to all of us. The building was targeted. Nonetheless it was not anything we could control. The new building is beginning in 15-18 months, and the new WTC will start businesses in 2014.

How will home shape up?

New WTC is going to be crucial than the aged WTC as there is so much remembrances related to this event. It is going to become an incredible destination. It is going to become number one vacation spot in the United States. Rather than twin systems, it will have several towers. You could have the base of the two buildings which is a memorial. Around the memorial service, there will be eight towers. The tower number one will be the tallest and then they drop in sizes. The number several will be the littlest. And eight different architects from seven different international locations designed the buildings.

In India, you are broadening to Manesar and Higher Noida in the National Capital Region (NCR), besides your present offices in Mumbai and Bangalore. Precisely what are the plans like?

There are two projects--one is Spire Edge in Manesar, plus the other is usually Spire Technology which is in greater Noida. Both have been designated since the...