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World Civilization Chapter 4 Summary

Usa is a area located in Central Asia which is surrounded by the Zagros mountains, Caspian Sea and Caucasus Mountains. The geography of Iran features deserts, mountains, streams, and plateaus. Those of Usa relied in irrigation in order to gain resources and move even more down the area. Iran as well featured several resources including copper, container, gold, and silver which will served since goods pertaining to trade.

Iranian groups increased in Central Asia including the Medes group which resolved in the Northeast. The Medes people were prominent in toppling the Assyrian empire back in the seventeenth 100 years B. C. E., and extended all their power and influence to Persia and Turkey. The inhabitants of Iran a patriarchal culture where guys had much more influence in society and more rights in compariosn to women. Iranian society was divided in was split up into the three interpersonal classes referred to as warriors, priests, and peasants. The visible ruler, Cyrus was popular for redrawing the map of traditional western Asia, simply by toppling, Mesopotamia and massively strengthened the power and might in the army along with his fierce and pragmatic armed service tactics. Cyrus' son Cambyses, continued his father's legacy by struggling with against the Egyptians, in Nubia and Lybia.

The next heir to the throne was Darius My spouse and i who helped to build the largest known disposition in the world. This individual divide his empire in to twenty pays which was reigned over by a distinct satrap who also served as the governor. In addition to charging the folks annual fees to add, Darius created a strong military and preserved heavily fortified roads and cities. Darius also seen himself as being a divine leader, who utilized the Persian religion of zoroastrianism. Portugal was a region that was surrounded by the Atlantic Water as well as the Mediterranean and beyond, Syrian desert and the Alps Mountains. The majority of Greek civilization is located in the Greek landmass, the...