Week5 To discover Essay

Question 1 (Worth one particular points)

Which usually of the following statements most accurately brands the new metropolitan culture of large U. S i9000. cities including New York during the early 1800s?

1000s of young men and ladies who migrated from urban areas created the new urban culture.

Sexual intercourse and dress were minor to the fresh urban tradition.

Teenagers and women quickly found high-paying jobs in urban centers.

Well-known entertainment, in particularly minstrelsy, was a crucial aspect of new urban lifestyle. This is a correct answer

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Question 2 (Worth 1 points)

In her novel Dad Tom's Cabin, Harriet Beecher Stowe...

promoted African colonization since the best solution to the evils of slavery.

urged women to leave any kind of church that did not preach against captivity.

urged women to participate in abolitionist societies.

depicted slavery as being a destroyer of slave households and a degrader of slave females. This is a proper answer

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Problem 3 (Worth 1 points)

Why did the Irish immigrate to the United States during the 1840s and 1850s?

Great britain invaded Ireland during the mid-1840s, displacing the Irish human population.

That they fled a famine brought on by severe overpopulation and a devastating blight on the spud crop. This can be a correct solution

The expansion of the industrial revolution displaced Irish workers.

Anti-Catholic violence forced the Irish to flee their homeland.

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Query 4 (Worth 1 points)

Which from the following claims most effectively characterizes the social beliefs of the Shakers?

Mainly because they assumed men were spiritually sluggish than women, the Shakers segregated the sexes to protect men via temptation.

Shaker neighborhoods excluded Africa Americans in order to maintain racial purity.

Shaker men seeking refuge from the world of capitalism outnumbered Shaker ladies two to just one.

Both women and men shared governance of the community.

This is certainly a correct solution

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Question a few (Worth one particular points)

One particular reason females took impose of religious and charitable companies during after the Second Great Awakening was because...

their husbands ordered these to do so.

they were excluded from other general public roles.

This is a correct answer

they had more talent to get church government than guys.

they were naturally more pious and spiritual than men.

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Question 6 (Worth 1 points)

The Tariff of 1828...

lowered the prices levied on imported raw materials such as flax, hemp, flat iron, lead, molasses, and constructed from wool.

was a significant legal victory intended for Adams's operations.

mainly harmed Fresh England material manufacturers and benefited the southern area of agricultural suppliers.

expense southern plantation owners regarding $100 , 000, 000 a year since it raised the price of British-manufactured goods. This is a correct answer

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Issue 7 (Worth 1 points)

Planters failed to politically dominate the To the south because...

they occupied a republican society with democratic...


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