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 Marijuana Bad for your health Essay

Legalizing Marijuana is Wrong

Felicia Bailey

This summer 29, 2013

SOC120 Summary of Ethics & Social Responsibility

Professor: Mr. bieber Harrison

Legalizing Marijuana can be Wrong

Pot is a plant that is noted by many several names including cannabis, weed, pot, and grass just to name some. It is known as the plant that is used for medical purposes as well as recreational employ for people worldwide. There are many different thoughts about whether or not weed should be legalized. Some want to make marijuana legal just to save the cash and solutions that are being suited for tracking pot dealers. As well, as well if marijuana was legalized it truly is thought that the tax placed on sales will help the United states of america in this economy. Persons often notice when discussing marijuana, that marijuana is actually good and there is nothing wrong it, so that it should be legalized.

Cannabis is known to end up being our biggest drug problem next to alcohol. It truly is thought to be a drug and is not good for your body at all. I know I feel that pot is negative, and many other Americans' feel the same manner as I carry out. Essentially, whether you feel marijuana is bad or good the choice is in fact up to you. By simply showing the utilitarianism and relativism thoughts about marijuana, hopefully this will better the comprehension of why pot should not be legalized. It will also assist you to by displaying my personal landscapes, and honest reasons in why weed is terrible for everyone to use that do not need that.

The utilitarianism way I believe to become on this particular topic would be to legalize marijuana due to that pleasing the bigger amount of people in the United States. Looking at legalizing cannabis just to take the easy way to avoid it would be a utilitarianism view on this topic. One more view which i will discuss is the relativism view on cannabis and how it really is thought to be incorrect. A relativist can see because legalizing weed wrong apart from where it is legal in a few societies. That stuff seriously the legalization of cannabis should not even be considered within the United States. Studies show that it causes many concerns for people which might be using it along with causing addiction.

Many studies demonstrate that cannabis is connected to mental disease, poor engine skills, and many respiratory problems (Office of Countrywide Drug Control Policy, 2010). Marijuana when you get high off of utilizing it you will be possibly gonna suffer mind damage. Destruction that is brought on by marijuana on your body starts as soon as you take those first inhales of the medication. Others think that since liquor causes more problems than that of marijuana, and that weed should be legal. Just because alcohol is legal does not mean that individuals should legalize something that is very much different than alcohol.

To my opinion this is idiotic way of thinking about this very important and growing issue in the Untied Declares. We have various accidents and deaths traveling because of driving drunk of alcoholic beverages. Driving under the influence of marijuana might cause very many problems as well. Since marijuana slows down the response time, we would be risking lives by having marijuana people who smoke and on the road. The legalization of marijuana would mean having to be comfy with becoming on the road with many drivers which have been under the influence of every one of the many effects of the medicine. Marijuana is considered the most used unlawful drug in the United States (Office of National Medicine Control Plan, 2010).

There is no cause of the United States to legalize a drug that causes so much problems for the human body. If we legalized it we would end up being risking lives being injure with the overall health effects it includes. We indicated that cannabis was a medication when it initially came to culture for medical reasons. It was not can be used for whatever else other than to get real medical reasons. That is certainly how many were brought up with pot being referred to as drug for any reason.

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