Toronto Greatest Club Essay

The Toronto Supreme Club

Alison Sutherland

BUSI 3334

03 11th, 2013

Table of Contents

1 . 0 Trouble Statement3

2 . 0 Situational Analysis3

2 . 1 SWOT Analysis4

3. 0 List of Alternatives6

four. 0 Choice and Rationale8

5. zero Implementation and Control eight

Problem Statement:

Toronto Ultimate Club is situated in Toronto, Ontario, and is a business that is targeted on growing the sport of Football by offering associations in the Toronto area. Considering that the development of their particular strategic prepare two years in the past; memberships acquired stopped suffering, but TUC's general administrator, was still not satisfied with the companies growth. Various other for-profit golf clubs have been professing a growing part of the market, as well as the general supervisor of TUC knew that developing a advertising plan for the coming year would be a requirement.

Situational Analysis:


Over the past 3 decades, Ultimate Frisbee has been embraced and promoted by simply local not-for-profit clubs in whose members discuss a love and passion pertaining to the game. Because the sport grew on, and also other clubs started to realize the success and popularity of Soccer, various for-profit organizations identified this sport as a chance.

Presently, Ultimate Frisbee golf clubs are geographically based and they are primarily borrowed by revenue from little league and membership rights fees, which, in turn, spend on fields, training courses, tournaments, sociable events, along with general team operations.


TUC has already established a positive and on-going relationship with its members, that can be demonstrated through players playing with the same band of friends for more than five years. Since its foundation, TUC's main target market provides traditionally recently been the serious Supreme players, individuals who were looking for the highest quality of Ultimate Frisbee in the Greater Toronto Region. However , while years handed by the market changed; and TUC noticed opportunities. TUC is looking to continue their good ties while using youth community, while targeting other groups such as young professionals, obvious minorities, content secondary college students, and grad students.


There is just one major rival that TUC competes against and it is the for-profit businesses because they have the most identical offerings to TUC. The main competitors struggling with against TUC for the consumers dollar are; Recreational Sporting Golf club (RSC), Everyman Sports, and West Area Sports (WSS). TUC has little to counter these kinds of for-profit night clubs, as Barcelone is becoming main markets to experience such competition for this sport. Over time, this kind of continued erosion of TUC's market share would impede their growth, and soon could lead to the club reducing as Toronto's " go-to” Ultimate Frisbee Club. * RSC was a significant, for-profit business that presented many different team-oriented leagues, which includes Ultimate Frisbee, golf ball, hockey, football, soccer and volleyball. Their very own good area in the metropolis helped the club marketplace themselves as a " one-stop sports little league shop”. 2. Everyman Sports activities was a for-profit sport and social team that operated out of the Barcelone and Niagara regions, catering to co-ed adults older 20 to 40 years. Their Ultimate Frisbee was offered several nights a week during the summer season, and would cost a team between $333 to $476 to register, an amount that is much lower than TUC's. * Western Side Sports (WSS) was obviously a for-profit sport and sociable club with operations located in Mississauga. With all the cost of registering a team for both spring or perhaps summer being $500, WSS offered a clinic at the start of each time where they would teach Ultimate strategies and various throwing and capturing techniques.


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