This really is an dissertation for integrity class about what meaning theories we would adopt and follow

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 This is a great essay pertaining to ethics school on what moral theories i would undertake and comply with

Over the three or more week duration of the program I learned many hypotheses that tried to supply answerers around the search for great and nasty. Kant's theory on deontology, Freud's theory on psycho egoism and self deceptiveness Theory of Ethical conventionalism, Theory about human and nature based ethics, Honest pluralism and much more. If I had to choose the theories that I learned in the lecture it would be the theory of honest conventionalism, and Kant's theory on deontology.

I would choose ethical conventionalism because the theory reduces meaning values to the conventions of groups, their very own customs, laws, and their habits approved by society. There are several parts to Ethical conventionalism. Arguments regarding group specialist, Sheer diversity, Survival, and tolerance. Group authority expresses group customs which can determine what is proper and incorrect within a group. The absolute diversity debate explains just how different communities have significantly different ethical beliefs. Therefore what ever a society believes in is what is right and wrong within that society. Endurance focuses on the survival of the group and their customs. The survival of the group relies upon the individuals within the group. The tolerance argument concentrates on having admiration and tolerance for other cultures and their beliefs. The key reason why I agree with Ethical conventionalism is because that focuses on just how things are performed today whilst in the the past and still have always been done. Every lifestyle has their individual beliefs, many cultures have all adapted almost all of the same simple beliefs. Communities are built by simply individuals and rely on the actions of people within a world for that contemporary society to survive.

I might also select Kant's theory on deontology. His theory involves duties, duty t respect other folks, act on general principles, and to respect your self, and inorder to be moral you must do your duties in good will at all times is obviously. I believe persons should always have got respect for anyone at all times inside their lives. In order to...