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 The The spanish language Conquest Dissertation

The Spanish Conquest of South america

Christine Schoonover

Grand Encolure University


September 10, 2009

Joyce Kievit

The conquest of South america was started out around 03 of 1519. The The spanish language became money grubbing for rare metal and other gold and silver coins. Cortes was friends with governor which usually gave him friends of big nobleness. Educado was asked to result in a mission to take over Mexico by the chief excutive of Emborrachar. The chief excutive came to the conclusion this individual could not trust Cortes and wanted him arrested. The Aztec Indians began an attack for the Spanish. Some of the invaders weren't ready for Cortes' attacks. The Indians had been here prior to the Spaniards, but yet the Indians had to overcome the The spanish language to protect their families and gets. The Aztec Indians had been afraid of Cotes and his military because the thought them to be some kind of gods. They army of Cortes had weapons that the Aztec Indians experienced never noticed before and were used by this military. Who ever took over Mexico would get great reputation and celebrity. Cortes acquired eleven ships and 500 thirty males and a hundred soldiers. (Information Delight) This kind of battle wasn't hard to win as there were less many Residents to fight. Some of the Residents became friends with Cortes and helped him during these battles. Cortes did provide an advisor Dona Marina who was friends with a few of the substantial people of Mexico. Cortes relies on Dona and her friendship with Mayan and Nahuatl. The girl later became his mistress during their period together. In addition, she birthed a son to Cortez which has been named Matn, also the first blooded Mexican. (Palfrey, 2007) There have been many diseases which were the cause of death of numerous Indians because they were not really immune to these diseases. The diseases had been brought above by the The spanish language and required out the majority of the population of Indians. As the diseases spreading over the Indigenous population rendering it somewhat easier to conquer Mexico. The illnesses that the Indians could not overcome were the mumps, measles, and the...

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