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 The Cup Menagerie Composition

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Shelly Moy

M. Ragan


The fall of 14, 2002

" Outshined Ugliness"

Life is a lonely tale of furor, as Tennessee Williams provides though his play, " The Glass Menagerie. " Williams encompases Laura in isolation via a world by which they wish to are part of by using numerous symbols. The symbolic characteristics of the occasion hidden in the lines with this play gives meaning to the theme located consistent through the entire play: Persons are all alone on the globe.

Williams brilliantly brightens the idea of remoteness through the representational use of glass. The significance of the glass is straight connected with the character of Laura. Similar to glass Laura is quite fragile, her soul and image encounters the possibility of being easily broken and damaged. Her figure is disastrously transparent as it is simple to decipher. However , cup objects, as opposed to a painting or picture, have 3 dimensions. It will be possible to examine every side of Laura's sensitive character, just like it is a cup figurine. Laura is captured into a mildew of goblet, unable to move or break from its pattern; she is stuck in her own regarding alienation. Yet, in a diverse light, glass reflects a rainbow of personality and beauty. Exactly like the rainbow radiated by glass Laura assists characters in achieving a feeling of beautiful and colorful self-awareness.

Williams contrasts mild and dark to bring focus on Laura's remoteness from the globe, and light up it while moments with the beauty that exists in human variations. The candlelight that flickers during a instant between Laura and John suggest photos of human being beauty and individuality. The candlelight generally seems to " lumination her inwardly" (Williams 1846) and figuratively, metaphorically shadows her disability, because Williams vividly describes within a side be aware of the play. The picture thereafter illuminates Moy two

how a unicorn is unfortunately different from other animals in Laura's collection. At the Haven Dance Area al goblet sphere...

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