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 The Catholic Religion Essay

Kelsey Klitus

G. Walsh

Paper #1

September fourteenth, 2012

Faith is a significant worldwide subject matter. It is very important to some people, and not as crucial to others. However , religion is essential to me in fact it is a major a part of my everyday activities. Many people are uncertain of different beliefs. The catholic religion can be confusing to some people. But once one would have been to look into the faith they would view it is certainly not confusing, just not well recognized. Although I actually do not go to chapel as frequently as I would really prefer, I still have very strict beliefs and follow a tight religion. I have been brought up and may continue to be raised as catholic. There are over a billion Catholics in the world and this number can continue to grow with time. To become a Catholic ways to have complete faith in god great divine grace. There are many explanations why being a catholic is so essential to me. The Catholic House of worship allows me to adhere to tradition, and it lets me learn new things about my own faith each day. Being a catholic is very important to me and to my children. My family have been brought up catholic, and we are very strong believers of this religious beliefs. Believing within a religion enables you to provide a tradition that can be passed on from generation to era. The catholic religion handles many holiday seasons including Christmas, Easter, Almost all Saints Time and Lung burning ash Wednesday. For instance , every year my children and I head to church on Easter early morning. This has turn into a tradition inside my family and will continue to be one to get generations to come. The Catholic Cathedral has allowed my children and I to get closer and to help make it traditions and to help make it memories. One other example, annually around Christmas time my family and i also participate in a conference at my community church. Within this event my family and I look for a child's term off of the " Joshua Shrub. ” The Joshua woods is a forest that has unlucky children's titles on it. Each family selections one kid from the shrub and acquires them a...