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 Celebrity Worship Essay

Daniel Espinoza

Psy 260

December. 1, the year 2003

Everyone has an entertainer that individuals follow and like, but when does that like of any person are more than that. Is it possible for any person to be obsessed with an individual you don't also know? Sadly it is, in respect to an content entitled: A cognitive account of individuals who have tend to praise celebrities, movie star worship is a type of parasocial interaction through which individuals turn into obsessed with 1 or more superstars. This passion is similar to a great erotomanic kind of delusional disorder in which the individual believes that another person is definitely passionately fond of them. Several psychologist wished to determine if this kind of obsession/worship of celebrities got any prevalent characteristics between the individuals. That they conducted several test: superstar attitude level, intense-personal, and 6 intellectual measures. Towards the end of these assessments they identified that people with higher cognitive functioning happen to be better at realizing reality then people that have lower performing.

I thought that group of psychiatrist that conducted this research did a good job of randomizing test to minimize the probability of any systematic order effect. And making sure that the groups were well divided and used several procedures to arrive with their conclusion. Even though a sample scale 102 persons was used pertaining to the testing the group was not chosen by simply random collection. Also the group by itself wasn't distributed; it comprised 81 men with just 21 females. I avoid really appreciate how they concluded with generally there test that lower cognitive function was obviously a common trait of celerity worshipers. This statement is actually generalized personally; it covers a very a lot of different people of which not all display obsessive behaviors.

This study was executed in a good method but In my opinion that in the event that they would include increased their particular selection group (not simply a particular selection of students) and also balanced your group sexually them more...