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The Story of Blima: A Holocaust Survivor

I. Prior to Storm

A. Blima's persona

1 . Known as ideal child; smart

2 . Functions at food handling business with Cousin

3. Embarrassed about upper body

B. Blima's guilt

1 . For 6 years older dropped baby brother, Zalman, and he died the moment 2 a few months old

installment payments on your Mother is extremely forgiving

C. Blima's vanity

1 . Considers she's not pretty just like her sibling, Adele

2 . Mother says Blima looks potential herself

G. Grandfathers loss of life

1 . Kitty, Masha, lies at toes of grand daddy; she sensory faculties disaster

installment payments on your Blima comforts mother

Elizabeth. Blima's problems

1 ) Loses favourite shoes

2 . Faints at grandfathers memorial; doesn't just like being focal point

II. Darkness Falls

A. The problem begins

1 . Going house early via working by bakery since business just isn't good

installment payments on your On method home Nazis kidnap her

3. Last time she saw her mother

B. Traveling to labor camp

1 . Walking with group; backlinks arm with girl who falls

installment payments on your Secretly gets twigs to munch about

3. Pushed into cattle car

4. Finds good friend, Clara, who had been schoolmate

a few. Tries to never faint; looks at other people shoes to distract their self

C. No longer Blima

1 . German born woman commandant takes coating off along with rings

2 . Frizzy hair is shaved; clothes are converted to white shirt and dark skirt

3.. Shoes converted to wooden ones

4. Five-digit number inked to provide, no longer Blima, but several ~ 44703

D. 1st day of labor camp

1 . Woken at 4am for roll call

2 . Taken to manufacturing plant to work

3. Says she can function to avoid gas chamber

four. Gizella secretly helps Blima with machine

E. Gizella

1 . Helps her by giving her food

2 . Tells Blima that she is going to be her mother

N. Transported

1 . After three years is taken up another camp

2 . Discovers sister-in-law, Ruschia

G. Trying to stay alive

1 . The smell of the lifeless is unbearable; lots of sickness

2 . Uk generals arrive to their rescue

III. Daylight

A. Blima is with your life

1 . Knows she is with your life

2 . Separated; Red Mix brings food

B. Reunions and disenchantment

1 . Everybody is looking to get somebody

installment payments on your Ruschia's partner, Victor, can be alive

3. Blima's younger brother, Kalman, is alive

C. A brand new chance, a renewal of life

1 ) Victor finds Ruschia and Blima

installment payments on your On the Jewish New Year they wear a prayer shawl that means: a new chance, a renewal of life.

three or more. They reward God to hold on to them in

G. Searching

1 . Victor looks for Kalman – not any hope

2 . Victor looks again nevertheless brings Ruschia along – they locate him

3. Blima obtains note from woman whom lived with Gizella

E. Blima searches for Gizella

1 . Your woman visits the girl, Frau Danhaus, who gave her the note

2 . She found out a chisme that Gizella was taken by Nazi protects and was shot to get helping a Jew, Blima

F. Chiel

1 . Ruschia and Victor want Blima to marry

2 . A cousin of theirs is aware of of Chiel who is alone

3. Chiel visits Blima and they reveal stories of what happened to them inside the labor camps

G. Blima's future

1 . She marries Chiel the same month she was used and liberated – 04

2 . Moves to America with Chiel; includes a son and daughter


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