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One gift which i know will make a world of the difference should be to help contribute shoes towards the needy. Bottoms 4 Spirits, which originated in Nashville is known as a nationally known charity that collects shoes or boots from numerous places. Soles 4 Souls has a straightforward concept that is: " All of us produce shoes and get them to those in need. ” Wayne Elsey is the founder and CEO of Soles 4 Spirits Inc. Under no circumstances had this individual done this type of work ahead of, until some day after the tsunami in 2005 hit Southeast Asia, David was viewing television when he saw a picture of a single footwear washing up within the beach. Viewing that image on the news, he thought of the and named some other executives in the boots industry as well as the subsequent gift of a quarter of a mil shoes to victims inside the devastated countries. This unique charitable organization helps people in need, regardless of ethnicity, religion, interpersonal class, or any other requirements. Thanks to these donations above 125 countries have been sent out shoes including Kenya, Thailand, Nepal as well as the United States as well. But Feet 4 Bottoms cannot do this alone. That's where large contributions from shoe manufacturers, retailers, non-profit ministries, schools, and average persons have helped make this a full-time business. Seeing simply how much of a difference one person has made offers opened my eyes and features helped encourage me to notify these around me and my fellow Neighbors help all those in will need. Not only is it a tax create off, but it can help transform someone's way of life and encourage them not to give up. The one thing I always keep in mind and find encouraging is that it really is good karma to help other folks and to just try and live a positive way of living.