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Dharabi-11: A New High Yielding Drought and Disease Tolerant Whole wheat Variety

Muhammad Tariq1, Abid Mahmood1, Muhammad Ashraf Mian1, Nasir Mahmood Cheema2*, Muhammad Sabar1, Muhammad Ihsan1 and Attiq-ur-Rehman1


Barani Farming Research Start, Chakwal, Pakistan


Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Islamabad, Pakistan

*For correspondence: [email protected] com


Dharabi-11 is known as a high yielding, disease and drought tolerant spring wheat or grain variety advanced at Barani Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Chakwal and released intended for general fostering in 2011 to get rainfed areas. The variety was originated from the cross HXL7573/2*BAU//PASTOR having pedigree CMSS97Y03676S-040Y-050M-040SY-030M-21SY-010M-0YOSY. Variety cycles triggered genetic purity and order, regularity of said line and was examined in multiple trials executed at BARI, Chakwal and other ecological areas and specific zones of the nation from 2005-2006 to 2010-2011 for desirable economic attributes like excessive grain produce, good chapatti/bread making top quality, drought and disease tolerance. On an typical " Dharabi-11” exhibited being unfaithful. 1% larger grain produce compared to other commercial kinds, showed appealing resistance against stem rust (local competition as well as Ug 99), yellow-colored rust, leaf rust and Karnal bunt and has much longer roots (61 cm) enabling the plant to tolerate drought stress. The grain dimensions are medium (42. 47g a thousand grain weight) with 12. 17% proteins and provides very very good chapatti/bread producing quality. This kind of variety was approved intended for general farming in rainfall fed parts of Pakistan by the Punjab Seeds Council in its 41st meeting held about 25th This summer, 2011 and it is the best suited variety to get rain provided areas of the region. © 2013 Friends Scientific research Publishers Keywords: Wheat range; High yielding; Drought and disease tolerance; Rain provided areas


Wheat (Triticum aestivum D. ) is known as a staple diet plan of major

population in Pakistan (Ahmad et 's., 2007; Ajmal et 's.,

2009) and supplies 72% of the calories from fat and protein in the

normal diet (Azam et ing., 2007). That contributes 13. 1% to

value added in agriculture and 2 . seven percent to GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT of Pakistan

(Anonymous, 2011). Out of total wheat production area of

Pakistan, 12. 3% is usually under rain fed circumstances and contributes about seven percent and several. 65% for the total development of Punjab

and Pakistan, respectively (Anonymous, 2009). The

precipitation through the early Rabi season is mostly very low as well as the crop continues to be under drinking water stress circumstances (Fig

1). There is extensive year to year variation in

anticipation in the rain fed areas.

Both biotic and abiotic stresses would be the major danger to

plant production in Pakistan. Brown rust (Puccinia

recondita) and yellow corrosion (Puccinia striiformis) are between

the serious disorders of wheat and in almost all of the cases

whole wheat varieties were replaced with fresh cultivars due to

susceptibility of the rusts (Rattu et al., 2007). Wheat

varieties having narrow, erect to partial erect leaves with deep root system lead to larger biomass and grain development and

would be the most suitable intended for cultivation in rainfed areas.

Presently, Chakwal-50, GA-2002 and Inqilab-91 happen to be

commonly expanded in the rainfed areas of the Punjab. While

these kinds have become vunerable to rusts consequently , it is very important to develop disease tolerant wheat varieties well suited for rainfed areas.

„Dharabi-11‟ a higher yielding wheat variety understanding to

drought and disease has been authorized for basic

cultivation in rainfed areas. The general fostering of this range will not only preserve the country from any upcoming

threat of Ug 99 (a competition of come rust) but will also improve

wheat production in the country.

Materials and Strategies

Dharabi-11 (registered as „6C016‟) was amongst the 23rd

SAWSN – T (Semi-Arid Areas Wheat Testing NurseryWhite) with entry No . 127...

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(Received 11 Sept. 2010 2012; Acknowledged 15 Feb 2013)


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