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 Public Sector and Customer support Essay

Section one particular – Understand the factors that affect an organisation and the customer service position

1 . Total the stand below using a description with the products and services for at least two industrial organisations, general public organisations and third sector organisations.

Make sure you ensure you supply a description for each and every organisation, rather than list.

Organisation type | Term of company | Description of products and services | Commercial business | Cleaning firms | Cleaning firm offering cleaning services. The corporation for their service in the washing charge a fee | Commercial organisation | Hotels | Hotels are objects when the service can be provided to stay Payable | Public business | Law enforcement officials | Activity it is applicable at the standard of national reliability. Their activities are straight coordinated by government. Their task is, however , certainly not profit, but to provide the necessary services towards the government and citizens | Publicorganisation | Fire atelier | Firefighters are rescuers extensively competed in firefighting, mostly to extinguish hazardous fires that endanger property and civilian or perhaps natural masse and to rescue people coming from dangerous conditions, such as collapsed or losing buildings.

1 . Continued.

Organisation type | Name of organisation | Description of products and companies | Third sector organisation | Charitable organizations | A charitable organization is known as a type of non-profit organization (NPO). It differs from other types of NPOs in that that centers on nonprofit and philanthropic goals as well as social well-being (e. g. non-profit, educational, spiritual, or other activities serving people interest or perhaps common good). | Third sector enterprise | Hospices | The hospice an company working in palliative care inside the health program. This organisations do not function in the community or business sector and they are independent of the government. They are certainly not profit led; any money earning is reinvested back into the product/service they offer.

2 . Complete the table listed below by talking about the differences in customer service between commercial, general public and third sector organisations. You should outline how customer support is performed in these types of business and emphasize the differences in customer service throughout these organisations.

Organisation type | Description of customer service plus the differences among organisations | Commercial enterprise | Great purchaser assistance can effect several organization factors which include customer retention, loyalty and market share. Service-based businesses may possibly place even more emphasis on customer support than product-based businesses perform. More interest is paid to the manner in which staff take care of customers and just how staff and company traditions reflect how service is provided. | Public company | Customer support plays a huge part in public sector provision. they must invest in the right providers that will be of the extremely benefit to people in their community, at the correct price. Actually a crucial difference between community and industrial sector customer support is the concept of value for money. A large number of public sector organisations operate to customer satisfaction charters. | Third sector organisation | In the third sector, customer service is also extremely important. The third sector does not are present to make income; it exists to provide solutions and support to people. Sector-wide surveys have got over the years outlined a lack of 'soft' skills, including customer service and communication skills.

three or more. In relation to your present organisation (or one that you are familiar with), format the function that customer satisfaction plays from this organisation and its industry all together.

4. Who are the significant competitors on your current company (or one that you will be familiar with)?

5. Determine at...