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Sara Rosas

April15th, 2010


Persuasive Conversation

Topic: illegal immigration

General Purpose: to convince

Specific Goal: To convince my viewers to be pro illegal migrants.

Central Idea: I will persuade you that against the law immigrants needs to be allowed to be in the

U. S i9000. by sharing with you a few information on the topic, arguments about them, and

also some strategies to the problem.


Imagine a teenage girl, only 17 years old having to go three claims away to

visit her father. To see him she must enter a building and before the girl can get to the main

door this wounderful woman has to go through the first wall door, and wait for that to close before the second

one can open. Today she walks to the key door of the building and walks in. She receive her

ID all set and fills out the form instructed to go any more in the building. Once she has been

called up she empties her pockets and will take off anything metal she has upon. She will go

by using a metal detector, and waits pertaining to an officer to open the next door. Once in, she has

to hold back for the officer to open the visiting room door. Now she is in the browsing room, and

she finds her father. He's in the bistre prison uniform, and is becoming un-cuffed and

unchained for the visit. The lady hugs him, and her two hour visit begins. The time flies by so

quickly and prior to she is aware of it both hours is up. She leaves the going to room, and

gets all of her things and has to leave. The lady was going to her daddy, who has recently been

incarcerated for being in the United Stated illegally by Mexico. If you're wondering how

I might even understand any of these details. It is because the woman I have simply told you about

is usually me. The reason I have chosen my theme is because my dad is in jail for being in

America illegally to be in his campany his family. Today Let me give you regarding illegal

immigration in the U. S i9000., the pros of illegal immigration, and solutions to the problem.


I actually. To begin with, Let me give you a info on illegal immigration in the United


A. According to the Un Department of Economic and Social Affairs,

the us is number 1 on the Top Ten Countries with all the Largest

Number of Worldwide Immigrants. (United Nations Department of Financial

and Social Affairs, Population Split. )

M. There are over 10 , 000, 000 illegal immigrants in the United States, and about

you, 400 more daily. (Katel, P. )

1 ) The number of unlawful immigrants coming into our region is predicted to

grow even further.

C. Illegal foreign nationals come for this country for a better life.

1 . Their house countries are dangerous and poor.

installment payments on your They have families to support and take care of.

a few. They want education and better jobs.

II. Up coming, I will talk about the pros of illegal migration.

A. There are plenty of people who think that illegal foreign nationals take careers from


1 . They do jobs that most persons won't perform.

2 . They take manual labor jobs.

3. Julian T. Simon, author of The Economical Consequences of

Immigration, states: immigration does not worsen

joblessness... Immigrants not simply take careers, but also create these people. Their

purchases improve the demand for labor, leading to fresh hires roughly

the same in amount to the migrant workers.

5. Also, " Many companies, on the other hand, happen to be strongly pro-

immigration. Director Bill Clinton and others whom supported the passage

of the United states Free Control Agreement (NAFTA) believed the fact that

cost-free flow of men and women over national borders, like that of goods and capital,

could simply lead to success. ” (Bender, 19)

N. People who are against illegal migration also think that illegal migrants

endanger our culture.

1 ) According to Peter Brimelow, of the Countrywide Review: Ethnically...

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