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The film Valuable directed simply by Lee Daniels is a solemn movie dealing with the unlucky truths of everyday life for some individuals. The film looking Gabourey Sidibe who plays the main figure Clarice " Precious” Williams along with co-stars Mariah Carey and Leni Kravitz is based inside the Ghetto of Harlem back in of 1987. Precious is a sixteen year-old illiterate morbidly obese adolescent whom has grown up in the Ghetto of Harlem in a dysfunctional family. Her mother Martha verbally and physically violations her and uses her as her personal servant while her father Carl also violations her and has impregnated her two times. Early in the movie it is known that Precious's first kid is named " Mongo” short for Mongoloid and suffers from Down affliction. Mongo lives with Precious' grandmother; however her mom Mary says the baby lives with those to cheat the welfare system and obtain extra money from the government. Following the discovery of Precious' second pregnancy, she is suspended from practice. Her junior high school primary arranges to obtain her show up at an alternative school, which your woman hopes will help Precious alter her life's direction. Through the movie Treasured finds a way out of her traumatic daily existence through imagination and fantasy. She fantasizes regarding being a legend because the girl wishes she was cherished and liked. Inspired by her new teacher on the alternative college, Precious begins learning to browse. Near the middle of the movie Precious starts to talk with a cultural worker called Miss Weiss who discovers about incest in the home when Valuable unknowingly explains to her. Treasured then offers birth with her second kid and labels him Abdul. While at the hospital, she meets a nursing jobs assistant whom shows closeness to her and she loves that, as she finally feels adored. After Precious' mother Jane intentionally drops baby Abdul and strikes Precious, Precious fights again long enough to get her son and leaves her home permanently. That night Important...