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Decorative mirrors and Contacts


We describe the way of light while straight-line light

Reflection away a flat surface follows an easy rule:

perspective in (incidence) equals position out (reflection)

angles tested from area " normal” (perpendicular)

Representation Vocabulary

True Image –

Graphic is made from " real” light rays that converge for a real focus so the photo is GENUINE Can be forecasted onto a screen mainly because light actually passes throughout the point where the image shows up Always upside down

Reflection Terminology

Virtual Image–

" Not Real” because it cannot be projected

Image simply seems to be generally there!

Virtual Pictures in Planes Mirrors

Area Mirror

Helpful to think regarding images


Curved decorative mirrors

What if the mirror basically flat?

light still comes after the same rules, with community surface normal Parabolic magnifying mirrors have specific focus

employed in telescopes, yard satellite food, etc .

as well forms online image

Curvy Mirrors

Figure inward

May be real or virtual image

For a true object between f plus the mirror, a virtual graphic is formed behind the looking glass. The image is upright and larger than the subject.

Convex Mirrors

Figure outward

Minimizes images

Online images

Make use of: Rear view magnifying mirrors, store security…


Lumination also goes through some things

goblet, water, eye itself, air

Arsenic intoxication material drops light's improvement

interactions with electrical real estate of atoms

The " light delaying factor” is named the index of refraction glass features n sama dengan 1 . 52, meaning that mild travels about 1 . five times slower in glass within vacuum water has and = 1 ) 33

surroundings has in = 1 . 00028

vacuum pressure is in = 1 . 00000 (speed of light by full capacity)

Refraction in a aircraft surface

Mild bends at interface among refractive directories

bends more the larger the in echoing index

Convex Lenses

Fuller in the centre than edges.

Contact lens that converges (brings together) light rays.

Varieties real pictures and online images...