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 One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Essay

A Machine of Culture

In Tobey maguire Kesey's book " 1 Flew In the Cuckoo's Nest”, he makes an interesting comparison between contemporary society and its objective to have those people who are striving to become in contemporary society conform to a uniform mold. Kesey performs this through the use of the Combine, synonymous with society being a culturally unifying force. Bromden, a patient inside the ward and the narrator in the novel, produces this Incorporate is his mind to describe the function of power how it truly is used to then control others. This equipment controls the " insane” men within the novel through corrupt means and thus creates an interesting idea of who is actually sane. Ultimately, the Incorporate is a machine created by society to force those people who are believed to be ridiculous to become rational in order to function in culture, yet this kind of machine can be corrupt and therefore causes visitors to issue the state of mind of society.

Kesey establishes the concept of this Incorporate and its relation to society through Nurse Ratched and her function in the ward. Primary Bromden knows the Combine and the health professional as a great operator of this machine. Doctor Ratched achieved the power to operate this keep and control the men through her experience as a field nurse inside the army. Being a nurse in the army the girl had control of men that could do nothing to combat her control because they were sick and tired or hurt. This power she has received through the army is confirmed by how Nurse Ratched directs the ward which has a " stiff routine” (Malin). Bromden is usually aware of the simple fact that the " ward is actually a factory for the Combine” and that the keep is indeed a harvesting combine itself (Kesey). Bromden likewise realizes that Nurse Ratched is the honcho, chief, gaffer boss, a job generally thought to be those of a man, with this factory. This kind of Combine, that way of a combine used for collection, is very systematic and makes anything the same. A combine employed for harvesting reductions the harvest all the same approach and sets the plant through the same processes and ultimately creates a uniform item. Bromden knows the ward as a harvesting combine and therefore shares this kind of idea with readers to communicate the ability struggle among Nurse Ratched and the men on the keep. Nurse Ratched recognizes Bromden as a threat to her electricity due to his size, race, and involvement in the military services. This causes Nurse Ratched to use hazardous processes in Bromden in order to eliminate his power to battle her. Nurse Ratched is constantly on the exercise her power by forcing the insane patients of the ward to follow a strict schedule that by no means changes. This schedule produces uniformity inside the ward. This kind of uniformity eventually makes the men function a similar thus causing them to accept the form society, represented by the Combine, thinks is right. In the end, the keep is operated by Nurse Ratched in a methodical process very much like that of a harvesting combine. This ward/combine is then employed by society, the Combine, to generate these men regular and sane. Moreover, various other institutions inside society strive to do the same as well, yet, like this keep, they often get undesirable effects. One such organization is that of open public schools because they are designed to inform students, yet instead open public schooling is similar to brainwashing. That destroys innovative thought and questioning students may include about certain ideas just like the ward truly does in this novel. Overall, the strict schedule Nurse Ratched forces the men to follow is just one of the processes within this Combine.

Bromden continues to develop this Combine and begins to reveal just how it is dodgy through the processes Nurse Ratched uses to manipulate the men through this combine-like ward. The initially these operations that Health professional Ratched uses is seldom thought of as damaged; however , the lady abuses this approach of control through prescribed drugs to a level that the men in the ward have no control over themselves (Sassoon). Readers see this throughout the fog Bromden embraces following he will take his medication that is clearly much too effective (Tanner). This fog or dazed condition forces his body to...

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