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1b. Expression on the use of the electric tools: Moodle, Mahara, MyAthens, Turnitin, online learning resources. Modern online resources of daily life makes life even more easier and world within our hand. And Glyndwr University or college is not apart make up the touch of online resources of information and info materials. The institution I have studied previous was not updated with the transform of methods of information like my Athens, Mahara, Moodleetc they were pursuing but slowly. And I hardly ever submit my personal assignment in turnitin the facilities had not been there which turnitin, mahara and my personal Athens specify the new eyesight of learning process and facilitate me personally in many aspects here Let me describe the way they helped me in studying and completion of my assignment. My personal Athens vast sector of online resources of books, content, magazine and my examine materials Required for my own assignment. Most current books diary, and other ebooks that I might have to go selection for them as well as the time can be saving us a lot pertaining to my project. Moodle can be whole index and resources for me and any pupils whatever address is given by professor are generally uploaded in moodle, paperwork, assignments, its submission, examination time stand semester break, holidays school time dining tables everything is there and that is advantage for me because the old company I analyzed there wasn't lecture elements uploaded in moodle and they don't have any online information or perhaps resources for college students. Turnitin is wonderful points for any pupil for any assignment similarity appendix submitted by other pupils or continues to be copied from other sources is going to reflect on tunitin report. It makes more careful in plagiarism and even more affective in paraphrasing or summary within my entire job task.