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Of rats and guys Chapter

The soft summer time breeze tip toed throughout the tall solid wood windows, leading to ripples to emerge on the patriotic flag perched high above his desk. The boss discovered his environment out of the house windows. With every breathing he required he inhaled the fresh blend of mahogany and polished maple along with the smallest waft of hand crafted metals riding along the air in the various options of guns, each located perfectly verticle with respect to one another along each wall structure. The only audio that could be observed was the heavy velvet drapes rhythmically cleaning against possibly side of the photo casings floating along the walls.

Suddenly a great abrupt gust of cold wind slithered down the spinal column of the supervisor, however this individual refused to shiver this away. The high heels of Curley's boots stomped throughout the soft slick sand. Dust particles rose up from the ground as the fast footsteps falsified a pathway towards the boss's office. The boss lay down on his padded natural leather chair and waited, his eyes regenerating on the door in front of him. The light shining through the tiny outline in the door faded for a minute. BANG! Curley's heavy shoes landed within the wooden floor. The crushed stone tried to stick to him in to his father's office however the door acquired swung closed.

" Take-off-your-shoes. ” whispered the strict boss rhythmically. " Never enter my own office with dirty feet, do you appreciate? ” Curley's lips parted but then shut again when he reluctantly removed his dirty boots. " Good, right now sit down. ” Curley obliged and sunk into the seat facing his father. " Candy informed me you wanted to see to me. ” Curley kept his eyes far from his dads gaze when he already recognized the reason for which will his daddy had hunted him down for. The boss bent his chair forwards a bit. " Tell me boy, what happened to your hands? ” Curley looked up nervously. " So what do you mean? I currently told you so what happened; I got that.. I got that caught within a machine! ” " A machine? ”

" Yep a machine. ”

" What machine? ”

Curley's hands became entangled...