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 Of Rats and Males: Discrimination Dissertation

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'" Why isn't you needed? " Lennie asked. " 'Cause I am just black. They will play credit cards in there, but I aren't play because I'm dark. They say I actually stink. ' (p. 68) Discrimination is the treatment of a person depending on the group, class, or category that that person goes. Discrimination is definitely demonstrated in Of Rats and Men many times through the book with Lennie, Curley's wife, and Crooks. Every one of these characters encounter discrimination available and it can be related to existence today.

Lennie is known as a guy that is often misjudged by his size in Of Mice and Men. Lennie is definitely mentally impaired and because of this, the men within the ranch often refer to him as a " crazy hooligan. ” Lennie is often ruled out from " nights out” or points the additional men performing. Many people just not understand Lennie and judge him right away. For instance , when George and Lennie were kicked out of Weed, it absolutely was because Lennie had grabbed a women's dress, simply to feel. The lady misunderstood this course of action and offender him of rape. Lennie didn't release her costume only because your ex screaming anxious him.  Lennie is discriminated against in this manner because of how he is misitreperted. George often knew that Lennie never did anything awful " away of meanness” and that is why he stayed with him; to keep him from stepping into trouble. The moment Lennie accidentally killed Curley's wife, Curley didn't appreciate Lennie plus the circumstances that were in the event. Curly just wanted to shoot him in the belly and make him go through. George understood what got happened and understood, but also in the end chose to kill him painlessly to protect him.

One other example of splendour is against Curley's wife. She is discriminated against as a result of her flirtatious personality. The boys on the farm ignore her and never wish anything to do with her because she's Curley's wife and Curley gets angry quickly, especially when it involves his partner. The men with the ranch almost all believe that...