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Steven Simkins 12/13/12

The American Revolution and Civil Battle were fought against with a purpose

derived from, in addition to defense of 1 minority group. As the Colonists developed their own communities and negotiations in the New America, problems of division arose separating themselves from your rest of the Uk empire. The Wave became a п¬Ѓght on their own and their well being not the well being of anyone else. Since ideas of Civil Warfare arose about 1860-1861 the cause was to get the dark minority although not yet released by Abraham Lincoln. The American Wave and Detrimental War were powered throughout the desires of 1 minority group to rise up and п¬Ѓght against the traditional normalities. In the years of early American expansion, the colonists found

themselves contradicting and disagreeing numerous ideas the mother region had in mind for them. The silly taxing, lack of representation and poor treatment sent the colonists over the top. Ideas of Revolution were not inclusive of can certainly ideas or perhaps immigrants. Remembering the voting restrictions and requirements as a congressmen, there was no girls in government or who had a words in government. Lack of rendering of women and immigrant's beliefs shows the Revolution was focused on 1 minority; the white men who held land and was a colonist. As the war began, both sides required advantage of the Native Americans and blacks that have been in the region. The British and the colonists made several promises to the other hispanics but

these were all neglected as the war concluded. Because Native Americans were seen by Settlers as uneducated and inferior, they were moved back to expanses of earlier territory until they can no longer be successful. Colonists makes prevailed against their mother country and the resulting contemporary society was once again drive by white guys and firmly in favor of white colored males. The war of the North and South was similarly focused but the community at

cardiovascular system were the African-Americans....