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 Military Assistance Essay

23rd September 2013

Students intended for Change,

St Joseph's Convent,

Richmond Road,

Port -of-Spain

The Manager,

Guardian Magazine,

St . Vincent Street,


Special Sir/Madam,

Subject matter: Compulsory Military Training for Teenagers between the age range of 12-15 and 25 Director Matn Freeman with the Military push of Trinidad and Tobago says, " The amount of boys that your service annually, change from all their delinquent tendencies to disciplined, respectful young men. " With out this chance most of these young men may include turned to a life of crime. This is exactly why military service should be required for all young boys between the age ranges of 15- 25 whom are not learning or employed. " The crime price in this country is raising rapidly, with most of the potential foods being idle young men, this challenge needs to change, " stated Officer Tony adamowicz Fuentes, the head of the police. Many teenage boys who keep school at such a young age believe it is very hard to obtain employment; they therefore might end up robbing and getting associated with other illegal acts. Getting enrolled in armed service service may give them a thing to do that may decrease the number of boys for the streets and therefore the crime charge may also drop. By saying this service should not be mandatory are we saying that we want the crime rate to increase and many blameless people to suffer? Military training can be defined as a procedure which hopes to establish and improve the capabilities of army personnel inside their respective tasks. This means that teenagers who join this training force may further their physical and their mental traits. " A young gentleman without proper training or education can gain more respect and thought for others in a few months only at that military force, ” Representative Martin Freeman also stated in a tv set interview. These boys are now able to develop all their qualities, becoming more obedient and hardworking youth adults. The Army...