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 Michelle Alexander Essay

Theresa McDermott

Teacher Gramlich

Sociology 101 Section 1

April 23, 2013

Michelle Alexander's The New John Crow

Michelle Alexander depicts the severe reality for most young African American men in the current society in her publication the New Jim Crow. The harsh reality for a lot of of them is that they will never be in a position to fully take part in mainstream contemporary society and obtain the benefits and basic legal rights that are overlooked by the remaining portion of the nation. Her findings demonstrate that presence of the Rick Crow laws and regulations have but to fully disappear from society like simple they have, because it fact, the restrictions in the Jim Crow era have got merely been reinvented as the Usa States' national justice program. Today, america prison foule are overwhelmingly comprised of people of color. Since the founding of the United States, Africa Americans have been completely " denied citizenship that was considered essential to the foundation” (Alexander 2010: 1). The identity given to this denial was Jim Crow and today despite Barack Obama, a dark man, while the Director of the this great nation, Africa Americans remain not treated as equates to whites by simply continually re-creating Jim Crow through the federal government justice system. As Michelle Alexander produces, " Like a criminal, you could have scarcely even more rights, and arguably significantly less respect, than a black guy living in The state of alabama at the height of John Crow” (2010: 2).

In Michelle Alexander's book, The modern Jim Crow, the author explains her main argument which can be that the foundation of Jim Crow has not concluded, but features merely recently been justified through the context of the United States' criminal rights system. Alexander claims that African Americans are largely labels while " criminals” which allows the old ways of splendour to legal continue. The lady believes 60 not the truth that many Africa Americans are living on the margins of contemporary society today (poverty, very little education, etc . ), but the result of strategic regulations the federal government provides placed into impact. Alexander continually explain to the readers her perception that mass incarceration is known as a " complete and well-disguised system of racialized control that functions in a manner specifically similar to Rick Crow” (Alexander 2010: 4). The author begins to support her main disagreement reviewing the of competition and how it had been controlled in the us through the various ever changing habits of ethnicity caste systems. SHe assume that Jim Crow has made it through all this period mainly by appealing to the ones from the white lower course and their avidness " to make certain they by no means find themselves caught at the bottom of the American hierarchy” (Alexander 2010: 22). Up coming, Michelle Alexander describes the fundamental framework of mass incarceration emphasizing the " War on Drugs”. Alexander depicts the increasingly militarized tactics the authorities use and what meaning for those who acquire swept up inside the criminal rights system. The girl explains that for African Americans who also are busted, they do not get the representation that will aid their case and are more often than not compelled for taking a plea bargain instead of going through a trial to end up with all the same result, a lengthy word in jail from which the discrimination with the New Jim Crow provides only started. The author in that case focuses on how the justice system treats the mainly African American prisoners at the system and what happens once they are unveiled. Discrimination has become legal to use against those presently released by prisons in mainstream culture, which keeps these ex-convicts inside the margins. Michelle Alexander continually support her claim simply by explaining to readers the evaluations between Rick Crow and the United States system of mass incarceration. Alexander finds the most similarity between this justice program and John Crow throughout the racial segregation, legalized splendour, political disenfranchisement, exclusion via juries, and even more. Finally, the girl supports her...