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 Essay about Medical Weed

Cannabis is the most hated but yet incredibly beneficial medication in the world. The United States has had tight laws against the use and distribution of marijuana as 1937. (The Union, Brett Harvey) National and state laws in medicinal marijuana are very unlike each other. Marijuana has a wide range of health benefits, this is the reason California was your first condition to legalize it intended for medicinal functions. (How bud won the west, Kevin Booth) People in America have been receiving arrested to get the use and possession of marijuana since it was outlawed. Steve Lynch was one of those persons in 08. (Lynching Charlie Lynch, Rick Ray) I believe medical cannabis should be a lawfully taxed compound in the United States. In a world that has hated marijuana since it was outlawed in 1937, the times are finally starting to transform. (A NormL Life, Pole Pitman) Marijuana is still government illegal which is considered a schedule one particular drug by the federal government. (A NormL Lifestyle, Rod Pitman) This means that cannabis has a large potential for habbit and does not have any accepted medical use. This means it is inside the same category as LSD, PCP, and Heroin. (How weed received the western, Kevin Booth) Cannabis compared to those other drugs is a lot like putting a great assault fee in the same class like a murder charge. The federal government thinks marijuana does not have use or perhaps value and it is just another medication American citizen's misuse every single day. (How bud won the west, Kevin Booth) A few states have experienced a difference in opinion regarding the use of cannabis for healing purposes. 20 states include legalized the application of cannabis pertaining to medicinal uses. (How Weed Won the West, Kevin Booth) A pair of those claims have legalized it intended for recreational employ which quite simply means it is like cigarettes or liquor. But wish state offers medical cannabis legalized does not mean people can easily just do no matter what they make sure you with the element. There are very strict regulations for the use and syndication of medical marijuana. Initially you have to obtain a business permit from the state and state in that condition in which you are trying to open a medical weed dispensary. (The Union, Brett Harvey) If you want to purchase cannabis you must become medically approved by a doctor in the condition in which you would like to purchase the material. (The Union, Brett Harvey) This means if you have license to buy it in California does not always mean you can go to Co and purchase medical marijuana. The one thing people try to argue is the fact cannabis may treat almost anything ranging from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) to cancer. (The Union, Brett Harvey) It is therefore extremely simple to receive a medical license. But this is the main reason California pushed so hard intended for cannabis to be legalized to get medicinal reasons. California was your first express to legalize cannabis in 1996. (how weed gained the west, Kevin Booth) The bill explained that the usage of medicinal pot was allowed if a doctor or physician thought the individual's health would benefit from the use of the element. (The Union, Brett Harvey) All the health improvements cannabis has are the explanation people wanted it to become legal. One more main reason is that if legalized marijuana could be taxed by the government and pull in vast amounts of dollars every year. (How marijuana won the west, Kevin Booth) Cannabis is an illegal billion dollar industry in the United States today. (How bud won the west, Kevin Booth) If the government caused it to be legal and taxed it they will make up the debt that our region faces in no time at all. In Oakland, California pot is a taxed substance by the government. (A NormL Your life, Rod Pitman) For every 1000 dollars of cannabis offered the government gets eighteen buck back. The us government in Oakland is attracting over a hundred or so million us dollars a year in profit. (A NormL Life, Rod Pitman) This is just one single city in the us, so think about if cannabis was legal in the whole country. The debt can be gone within no time. Persons...