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 Markham Reasonable Case Research Essay

Exec Summary

The purpose of this kind of report is always to tackle both main problems that plague the fair and develop methods to increase attendance among consumers in the York region.

Over the years, Markham Fair features captivated the essence of tradition, family and community by simply celebrating and promoting their agricultural history. It effectively became " Canada's most significant 4 day time agricultural fair” attracting over 70, 000 people in 2012. Tackling Complications

Although the fair has established extraordinary brand recall and has created goodwill within just local neighborhoods, there is a have difficulty in maintaining this kind of in the emerging Markham and Easy York location. This new community group involves over fifty percent of Markham's population, demonstrating to be a problem.

This poses as being a problem due to two advertising deficiencies:

1 ) Lack of community awareness and school plank participation 2 . Inability to accommodate the needs of an appearing demographic.

We all plan to deal with these problems by focusing on the promotional aspect of the marketing strategy and just how we can enhance or generate further marketing campaigns to negate the difficulties. Developing Alternatives

The survey highlights each of our recommendations that focus marketing efforts on the " Markham Fair Awareness Week” marketing campaign within extra high colleges in the You are able to region. The goal is usually to not only instruct students nevertheless also make a way for them to participate in the fair and receive you are not selected hours.

Our second suggestion is to support the demands of the innovating demographic by simply steering major towards inviting vendors who have sell several ethnic food and refreshments, small-medium size businesses, and social clubs. This makes an alternative for those who would like to engage in the event nevertheless prefer to consume food they are accustomed to. This makes a welcoming environment to people with different ethnic backgrounds. These tactics are accomplished with the goal of increasing overall attendance for the reasonable.


Markham Fair is one of Canada's oldest country fairs, and has been controlled by East York Farming Society. The annual reasonable is organised by Markham Ontario and occurs annually on the weekend before Canadian Thanksgiving. Attendees & Vendors

Every year the fair has drawn about 70, 000 attendees and approximately several, 000 participants displaying a multitude of items which will be judged (Peco, 2012). Volunteers

There are over 800 volunteers who work on multiple committees making the Markham Reasonable one of the major community structured volunteer business in Canada (Peco, 2012). Modern-day Community

Today, the Markham Fair continue to be create a forum that provides the community with expertise and products, through competitive spirit. Along with competitive displays, the Markham community can also enjoy various varieties of entertainment such as horse move, demolition derby, tractor pull, midway voyages and domestic animals. Typically when the weather is usually pleasant, the Markham Fair attracts up to 70, 500 attendees, however in recent years the attendance offers dropped to as low as 40, 000, completely (Peco, 2012). Problems & Opportunities

The Markham Good needs to give attention to the younger generation and reinforce it is relationship with school panels Accomplishing the milestone of any century since its launch, the Markham Fair has been a crucial symbol for the city's background community. In recent decades, the community of Markham has foregone absolute modification in its system and market community. The mantra of the Markham Fair is always to keep the regional civic reminiscent of the times just before industrialization exactly where devotion to agriculture, and rural living was the way of life. It is important for the local community of Markham to pride their roots inside the very way of living and culture that prospered there past generations. With the inevitable force of societal transition, Markham has become a great urban suburb, where farming and...

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