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Qualcomm/Atheros Package Close – Messaging/Q& AMay 24, 2011

Key Text messages

Our extensive industry-leading online connectivity and network portfolio can help accelerate the expansion of Qualcomm's occurrence in existing businesses and offer access to significant new business possibilities with additional products and stations. The unparalleled combination of the technologies will provide rich and platforms that enable Qualcomm's customers to offer more compelling user encounters, accelerate time-to-market and increase their impact.

Market growth beyond mobile:

Atheros' complementary product portfolio, product sales channels, and leadership in the networking, processing and CE segments provides an opportunity for Qualcomm to grow beyond it is core mobile business into new business opportunities with extra products and programs, representing an incremental and growing global TAM.

Gives two global leaders together:

This kind of acquisition combines the technology strength and leadership of Qualcomm in mobile platforms and WAN technology, while using technology power and management of Atheros in LAN connectivity.

Commitment to development (Team strength and culture fit):

Qualcomm and Atheros share engineering-focused cultures with demonstrated setup capabilities and proven track records in developing solutions that support our buyers deliver the many compelling products and user activities.

Global size and reach:

Qualcomm and Atheros have complementary customer human relationships around the world, with particular power in high-growth businesses. This enables Qualcomm to leverage the engineering experience and investments of both equally companies around expanding businesses. Leveraging the combined level of two fabless semiconductor leaders increases our capability to deliver high-performance products quickly, at substantial volume, with great worth.

Rich client solutions:

Our contributory strengths allows the mixed company to supply unparalleled rewards to our customers, in terms of breadth of offering, differentiation, customer care, integration, overall performance, and value.

Customer concentrate:

Qualcomm and Atheros the two focus on making their customers good. This customer focus will still be at the center coming from all activities at the two firms, including product planning, sales, technical support and co-marketing.

Essential Takeaways

* Financial Ramifications

* Accounting is not yet finalized;

5. On a Non-GAAP basis we all estimate the fact that acquisition will probably be modestly dilutive to revenue per talk about in fiscal 2011 and modestly accretive in money 2012, consistent with our prior forecasts. � * In addition , based on primary estimates, all of us expect the transaction being further dilutive to GAAP earnings by simply approximately $0. 09 to $0. 13 per talk about for the remaining of money 2011 influenced primarily by simply certain near-term purchase accounting charges and secondarily by ongoing share-based settlement expense. * These near-term purchase accounting charges derive from the requirement in ASC 805 to record acquired products on hand and backlog at good value in the time acquisition, which will result in decreased margin contribution as inventory and backlog as of the acquisition day are converted to revenues over the remainder of fiscal 2011.

* Credit reporting of Qualcomm Atheros effects:

2. Will be reported as part of the QCT Segment

5. We have a good history of featuring useful data to buyers and will continue to follow this kind of philosophy. We aren't producing specific disclosures in this regard currently. * Financed primarily with onshore cash

* As we had mentioned earlier on, we have been assessing the use of just offshore and onshore cash to get the transaction. � Depending on further research and an assessment of the difficulty and potential costs of using overseas cash, we decided that it must be optimal intended for QC to work with...


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