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 Literary Criticism of Lord of the Flies Essay

Raef Sengupta

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Literary Critique of Head of the family of the Flies

This article was very interesting in that it appreciated the idea that maybe authority figures should not be authority figures, could be everyone needs to work together. I agree with their bottom line that a equilibrium needs to be shaped, this is nearly my view on this subject. First a peek needs to be taken at the tasks of authority figures and what they really do. Authority numbers exist because people need some kind of guidance or perhaps society is going to fall down in ruin. In the event that everyone was left to do whatsoever they desired, everyone separately would be best but ultimately when the society was without doubt destroyed by using a lack of treatment by the persons, they would be much more serious off than they would have been originally.

Power figures' jobs in culture are to implement the rules organized by the authorities (or higher form of rule whatever which may be). Wherever do these kinds of rules are derived from? They come straight from the requirements of the world, which is formed by the persons. In short, these rules manage to hurt the people and help the society, nevertheless by aiding the culture, they are not directly helping those.

Onto my own view on the subject: I believe that the balance has to be reached, although this stability may not be equivalent as David Spitz's criticism suggests. As the rules damage and help the individuals both in diverse (but occasionally very similar) ways, these are the values that must be evened out. "[Piggy] ‘You as well as your blood, Plug Merridew! Both you and your hunting! We might have hot home—'” (70). When Jack port destroyed the groups potential for going home by going against the guidelines and hunting instead of observing the sign fire was an example of if the rules have to be enforced better. In this case generally there wasn't a balance between how much the rules hurt the individuals and how much they helped them.

Discussion Questions:

you Was making a small-scale contemporary society with a leader a smart decision for the boys on the island of st. kitts?...

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