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 Kiai Promoting Plan Composition

KIAI Marketing Program

Zongyun Chen


BUSI 2231 (04)

* Business summary

Kiai Marketing Group (Kiai), which is founded by Roger Mills who have are a scholar at the University of Western Ontario (Western), London, Ontario, is a newly small organization aimed at rendering innovative advertising solutions to Birmingham business. Together with the development of the technology, the university course now has changed a lot than before. Laptop substituted paper and pen as to become a prevalent tool for taking notes and searching information during the university class. Generators has founded that a most of Western's 40, 000 students used laptops in the classroom and around grounds. Based on these kinds of potential marketing media, the firm's method to take advantage of the blank backing of notebook lids which were unused advertising space by using a laptop pores and skin that is designed by Mills. The firm's objective is getting to a profit of $5, 1000 for the first 12 months, let many of these students know Kiai and 50% students putting advertisements in their laptop lids.

2. Current advertising situation

Marketplace description

As the 10th major city canada and the 6th largest city in Ontario, the population working in london is over 430, 000. Furthermore, for the reason of its area and is also a major centre for medical in Sw Ontario and home to both the University or college of Western Ontario (Western) and Fanshawe College, this attracted a large amount of students around the world. In other words, a lot more students in London, the more notebook computers here, a lot more advertising we can put on the laptop lips. Additionally , the neighborhood small business in London got the extremely supporting by the municipal and provincial governments. This will actually benefit intended for our group which is direct targeting of students for Western. Actually our method a creative item that is unmatched. The market is often attracted by the new things, as well, our merchandise can make revenue both to get the advertiser and the learners.

Product assessment

Our product is fairly easy to develop and got from our customers. We've already contacted with a small , one-person procedure in downtown, London to produce a laminate material, it can conveniently be applied and removed from notebook computer lids with a white adhesive backing. Not only is it convenient for students to put this on their laptop computer lids, but help the marketer to save the costs.


There are a lot of advertising media in London, some of them are beyond the school such as the Greater london Free Press. It is the London's major daily newspaper which attracted practically 226, 000 readers each weekday, 250, 000 in Saturdays and 140, 1000 on Weekends. Although it features numerous visitors and the pricing information of it is secret, the cost of placing advertising upon it is so substantial that is not suited to business focusing on for students. As the power of college or university students' usage is not too high, the item that acquired by them may not be so expensive, it is therefore not cost effective for a company that targeting university students by simply advertising about London Free Press. A number of the competitors are about the college or university such as American news, The Gazette, Orientation Week Plans and Fige Poster Advertisments. The similarity of these multimedia is they may be easier to touch base the students. Yet , the price of promoting is not cheap. The price inside the Western News is ranged from $31. sixty four for a two-inch-wide advertisement to $497. 20 for a complete half webpage. Advertising inside the Gazatte for one week went from $120. forty for one sixteenth of a webpage to $1, 430 for any full site. A cost intended for " Welcome to Western” and put business's emblem on the five, 000 laundry bags given to first-year college students is $3, 000. The price tag on immobile poster campaigns in the Western is usually $110 each month due to the quantity of frames and specific places. Compared to these traditional marketing media, besides our method creative, nevertheless we likewise save costs. Generally, students are...