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QUESTIONS: 1 . Describe the objective of market research. A market research is a particular and very crucial part of online marketing strategy. It tries to known precisely what are the things that consumer need and exactly how the company has to design and advertise the item to the buyers will buy it mainly because it will be released. This type of studies used by businesses to increase the likelihood that the items will be well received by consumers when launched. To summarize, the purpose of researching the market is get important information about industry need, industry size and competition to obtain a successful merchandise.

2 . Describe the difference among primary exploration and supplementary research. First of all I have to say that this two types of researches are very significant when a company want to do a market research. In case the company wish to accomplish a well-done market research, it has to do primary and second researches. The difference between this kind of types of research is the primary study consist about get data directly from the customer (obtaining responses from the consumers) and that tries to know the consumer's opinion, however the extra research is data that it continues to be collected by simply other organisations.

3. Evaluate why a great organisation like Kellogg's will use both qualitative and quantitative data. To beginning with the answer I think that I have to talk about qualitative and quantitative and make clear the meanings of these varieties of information. This type of information happen to be valuable in being aware of what consumers want or need. The difference between these kinds of data is that qualitative data is concerned more about opinions, emotions and thinking while quantitative data can be numerical information and usually it may well involve the use of scales. Next explain the objectives of the types of information I can say that an business like Kellogg's would use both types because because it does a market research it...