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For the five years Unique. com has been in organization they have identified Social Responsibility as a primary value within the organization. It has been the generating factor of your company's culture and will continue being in the future. We feel that every risk holder is impacted by the choices we make as a firm. In our sight, Social Responsibility represents the values of your business. Beliefs in which we operate each of our business simply by on a daily basis. These and that show our integrity, respect and commitment. We are sincere inside our level of matter for employees, merchant and supplier relationships, the community and the planet.

We have had a similar Social Responsibility plan in position for the past five years. Strategically, the Corporate Sociable Responsibility (CSR) team heads up the development of each of our CSR Prepare and supports the setup and facilitation of the company's program. This kind of team consists of managers from various departments within the firm. Every worker of UniqueSquared is responsible for the introduction of our Cultural Responsibility Program. As staff we are all likely to challenge and encourage the company and others within our organization to exceed our current amount of CSR. Jointly they develop and perform recycling courses for conventional paper and cardboard boxes that presents global best practices and study.

Through the coming years, all of us will look to keep building upon our commitment to become a socially accountable company. We certainly have a long-term goal of incorporating CSR into every single appropriate facet of our business. Unique aims to be a innovator in not merely our market but as well in corporate and business social responsibility. We want to achieve this through leadership in recycling practices, environmental recognition, employee and community support programs and economic development.


UniqueSquared is definitely an online e-tailer of pro-audio equipment. Together with the distribution of over a few, 000 packaged orders daily, we are likewise responsible for protecting the environment. We have a vested interest in the sustainability of the economy, the surroundings and people. Since the company may possibly strive to maximize profits, the main focus is for the triple bottom line, People, World and Revenue.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives are focused on the following three areas and directly influence and support the Multiple Bottom Line concept: 1 . Environmental (Planet)

2 . Social (People)

3. Economical (Profit)


As a business we stand on the opinion that we must do the right wherever we live and where others live as well. We plan to decrease our co2 footprint by implementing projects that increase and measure our taking program. We ship and receive hundreds of thousands of boxes weekly. It is most critical that we throw away these bins in a way that is usually environmentally safe. A program will be developed to recycle and reuse clear boxes. Were requiring all of suppliers and vendors to do a similar. To be a favored vendor, provider or manufacturer doing business with all of us you have to participate in our card box recycle/reuse program.

Boxes will probably be either reused or recycled into packaging paper to become used in host to styrofoam nuts and plastic-type bubble cover. It is important to us being a company that the companies we do business comply and support this effort to save the planet.


Our company is committed to making and keeping the trust of the local community. We all also believe in contributing to programs that support the music and art. The colleges in our region have lost the majority of or all their funding to get music and art applications. We have taken on the responsibility of providing resources and funding to hold these applications available to the families inside our community. Staff are encouraged to you are not selected a minimum of five hours a month, 60 several hours per year to the improvement of our community or perhaps assisting with all the community music and fine art programs. We...

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