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Title: Preventing yourself via involving within a get rich quick scheme. General objective: I want to notify my target audience.

Specific target: I want to inform my audience on how to identify the nature of obtain rich quick schemes as well as how to avoid like a victim with the scheme. Thesis statement: I would like to share with my personal audience regarding get rich quick structure by outlining the nature of the scheme and ways to prevent being a sufferer of the system.


Focus getter: If there is anybody in this article knows somebody close to you, the relatives or maybe your own neighbors dropped a lot of money and end up in financial debt because of scams, please raise your hands up. I. Listener relevance: A get wealthy quick plan is a conference where persons invest their money for a particular organization or perhaps event to achieve a guaranteed high return of money in a short period. 2. Speaker reliability: I started to be interested in this kind of topic mainly because when I was in secondary university, my father achieved an old good friend who persuaded him to invest in a project that guaranteed him a high returning of money monthly. So , my dad invested RM 70 500 and he received RM 10 000 for the next 90 days. But , this individual received nothing on the 4th month because the job was then simply arrested by Bank Negeri. Later all of us found out my father lost RM 40 000 to a fraud which is the infamous get rich speedy scheme. 3. Thesis statement: Specifically, I would like to inform you regarding the nature of receive rich quick schemes, as well as how to avoid becoming a victim on this scheme. Transitions: Let's begin with the nature of the scheme in order that we will be capable of identify you will of get rich speedy investments.

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I. According to Lancer Lanoue in his article " Avoid having ripped off simply by get rich quick schemes”, Get abundant quick techniques are strategies of investment that will make you a lot involving with tiny risk or need for expertise in the field. The unfortunate reality is that there generally are no " receive rich quick" schemes. The street to accomplishment is not quick...

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