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Summary and Response of History101: Move the Snacks, Please

Summary: The author, Elaine Minamide, creates this article " Pass the Popcorn, Make sure you. ” She takes some arguments to persuade her readers that students or children can easily learn record or culture from multimedia because they are easily hooked by simply VCR or movies. Nevertheless , older brothers and sisters debate a few issues regarding this way. A famous stuff school, referred to as Sesame Streets, succeeds to work with VCR to teach English for youngsters. The way Sesame Street employing is to sing and move. However , most educators did not agree until they engage in their teaching programs. Certainly, this instructing way is usually greater than classic teaching approach. Therefore , more and more teachers are accommodating them. For example , inside the San Diego Union-Tribune focused on community teachers who also frequently product classroom instructions with modern day films. Probably it is a easy way for students to understand, but , yet , there is also a spat which indicates college students spend more time watching TV and movies than reading ebooks. This issue must be explored from a wider view. In author's opinion, she thinks that audio-visual learning is just one of educating ways to enhance students' learning motivations instead of substitute the primary course. To sum up, there are not advantages neither disadvantages within a new instructing way, but once this way can promote kids or college students to learn, they are all good ways intended for teachers to make use of in the courses. The author thinks audio-visual learning is just a better way for learning. Response: There are a great number of teaching methods which instructors can apply them inside their courses. Nevertheless , it must have a proper instructing ways for students in different age groups. The audio-visual learning happens to be appropriate for kids. It has been one common teaching method that most put school which usually teaches children from pre-school to elementary school. Why is it a suitable teaching means for this range of children? In my opinion, the range of youngsters can not...