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The concept of the a story is actually the author is attempting to express, it is the central thought of the story. The actions and feelings of the characters represent the topic throughout a complete short history. In the short story " Hills just like White Elephants” by Ernest Hemmingway, the theme features courage and bravery when ever faced with challenging decisions.

The theme of courage in " Hills like Light Elephants” can be portrayed simply by Jig's unclear curiosity of what the girl should do for the circumstance she is in. Although the situation is not clearly voiced, with just how Hemmingway uses the topic and symbolism, it is possible to get a view that Jig plus the American are discussing the main topic of abortion. Lure displays bravery slowly throughout the story since she is communicating with the American. Her 1st show of valor is when she claims " I was being busy. I was using a fine time. ” Being she is trying to figure out what she should do which is in an clear state of uncertainty, the girl still is donning a brave face intended for the man she says she really loves.

A way for Jib to represent her braveness at one particular point is always to say that the girl " doesn't care about herself” so the lady can just do it and all will probably be fine. By looking into making herself seem distant of who she is and to make himself feel the durability she needs to feel to produce a decision the lady plays it away that your woman doesn't subject in this scenario so it makes the decision simple to make. The girl shows bravery by planning to act strong. In the end, as she is thinking of what the girl could have and what your woman deserves, it seems that she is starting to think that there is nothing wrong with her which she may be thinking of changing her mind of what she must do. This is visible when the lady tells the American " There's nothing wrong with me. I find myself fine. ”

The setting plays a role in the theme of " Slopes like White colored Elephants”. The setting is at a sizzling, dry place, at a desolate train station bar in Spain. This placing makes for a serious conversation to unfold for there is not more than that there to perform in...