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How is a story told in this draw out of ‘The Great Gatsby'? Harpreet Basra

This remove is all about Gatsby giving the tour of his property to Daisy and Computer chip and it appears that the reoccurring theme through this extract is all about the superficiality and materialism of contemporary society at the time. Fitzgerald uses a number of different narrative techniques to show this kind of.

One of the main approaches used is a use of motifs. In the get there is a complete narrative paragraph that simply describes the shirts that Gatsby owns, such as " shirts of sheer sheets and pillowcases and solid silk and fine flannel, which lost their retracts as they chop down and protected the stand in many-coloured disarray”. The motif of clothing is a prominent a single throughout the entire novel but in this get it represents the wealth that Gatsby has acquired and the materialism as he displays them away to Daisy. There is also a large amount of detail, which usually describes the shirt in this paragraph such as " tshirts with stripes and scrolls and pretexte in coral reefs and apple-green…” This likewise shows the wealth of Gatsby as he are now able to afford these kind of shirts, and in a large amount as well, however , how much detail is also used to demonstrate many levels of Gatsby and how several they are from a single another, comprising the different masks that this individual puts in order to keep up with the façade that he is happy, rich and popular. One other motif which is used in this extract is when ever Gatsby refers to Nick while " old sport”, that could be shown to be patronizing mainly because it shows that Gatsby is trying to create it seem to be as if he's older and more superior to Computer chip. It could likewise show the perception of British-ness that Gatsby is trying to achieve, as if he could be of a larger class than what he actually is.

Another technique which is used in this get is reported speech. When Gatsby asks Nick if perhaps his property looks very well, Nick " agreed that it was splendid. ” The reported speech could show that Gatsby is control of the conversation and he is the dominant character through this...