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 Freddy Mercury Essay

Despite his sex orientation, he was a symbol of the rock, an inspirational picture, an amazing guy and an excellent singer all times. I'm going to discuss Freddie Mercury.

Freddie was a British musician and a writer, he was reputed for being the vocalist from the band " Queen". He was born in Guayarati, Zanzibar in September of 1946. The " Time Asia" magazine known as him as one of the most influential hero to get the Hard anodized cookware people in the last sixty years and continuing being voted as one of the best singers of all times. Like a composer he wrote a whole lot of good songs, such as " Bohemian Rhapsody", " Killer Queen", " A person to Love" and " We Are the Champions"; besides being the lead performer of Princess or queen in the eighties, he introduced his solitary career by which he recorded two albums: " Mister. Bad Guy" and " Barcelona". In November twenty two of 1991, Freddie named his manager to discuss a public issue, and the following day he introduced an interview expressing he had ASSISTS and two days later this individual died of bronconeumonia, what an irony! Although he didn't win any particular music award he was in the list of the 100 more powerfulk British persons, released in 2002, and he was mentioned in the book " The Gay 95: A Rank of the Most Powerfulk Gay Guys and Lesbians, Past and Present". Certainly, Freddie was obviously a brave guy who was certainly not afraid to see the world whom he was. This individual said: " I'm lgbt and I avoid care what others say"; he was a rockstar, a wonderful singer and an idol. So now I ask you: was his sexual positioning an obstacle? (pause) It wasn't, mainly because it's not really who you are but your actions the ones that define you. In his case, his music career was his legacy and his contribution to the world's music background, these were the things he ought to be remembered for.