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Film Analysis of Black Swan

The movie Black Swan revolves around Nina Sayers, a great aspiring ballerina. Although accomplished, she is extremely reserved and others would describe her because " self conscious, frigid very little girl”. The lady longs for the business lead role within a theatre production of " Swan Lake”, and as destiny would have that, she gets cast to dance the white and black swan. These are two immensely several characters. Her innocent, practically child-like personality makes her a perfect white swan. However , she has difficulty getting into the smoothness of the white colored swan's darker and sexy counterpart. The movie is focused, not such very much on the actual dancing, but instead the demanding and psychologically draining pursuit of perfection and self exploration, which unavoidably paves the way to a psychotic breakdown intended for Nina. The film reveals her gradual descent into madness since the pressures of the position weigh upon her. Viewing this film, I found Nina to be a so intriguing character. It absolutely was obvious a mental disorder was present, and that her behavior has not been merely the standard response to mind-boggling stress. After much evaluation, I have figured she is likely to be diagnosed with schizophrenia. Nina's madness shows many symptoms of schizophrenia, a psychotic disorder where a person manages to lose touch with reality. With much research, schizophrenia is definitely described as a heterogenous condition that commonly begins at the begining of adulthood. This mental disorder makes it tough for someone to differentiate actuality and imagination, and this can be characterized by a wide range of symptoms. Nina has paranoid schizophrenia, which can be characterized by delusions and hallucinations. Although there is a known direct cause of her disorder, something that puts somebody at risk intended for developing schizophrenia. In Nina's case, it is the constant anxiety that your woman deals with, almost all due to her goal to become lead part of the movie theater production. Though schizophrenia can be described as suitable medical diagnosis to describe Nina's behavior, another...