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 Fetish Slaves Essay

" Fetish Slaves”

Kevin Bramblett

Humanities 240 / Converging Hemisphere

Amy Sayre-Roberts

Due Date: 12/09/2010

" Fetish Slaves”

An expert in modern captivity, Dr . Kevin Bales mentioned " Is actually as if all identity have been stolen from their store, except their particular identity as slaves. ” This declaration is exemplified when you look at the Trokosi sex slaves of West Africa. At a very young age Mewornovi Kokou was taken from her family and enslaved by a local priest to atone on her behalf distant family members crimes (Booker, 1996). Young ladies from around this particular area have to put up with life-long suffrage at the hands of " priests” due to ancient beliefs. There are many different elements when it comes to the Trokosi love-making slaves. One has to take into account the ethics of religion, culture, and greed once drawing a conclusion as to if Trokosi sexual intercourse slavery ought to be permitted. Trokosi is a century's long practice of having a virgin girl from their family and giving them to a local priest to keep by bad spirits from flowing down upon the household due to offences committed from times past. The meaning of the work Trokosi is the result of taking tro meaning 'god' or 'shrine' and kosi meaning 'slave'. (Asamoah-Gyadu, 2004) Trokosi arises from the same perception system because voodoo and is practiced in at least 12 shrines in Ghana and many others in Togo and Benin (Booker, 1996). The enslaved ladies and women endure a life long servitude for the priest. The Trokosi have got a multitude of careers when it comes to pleasing their owner. The young girls and girl are expected to work in the fields throughout the day and fill in to every sexual desire the priest may have. Another work of the Trokosi is to endure the priests' children which in turn also turn into slaves to him. One other added added bonus for the priest is the fact he is not really responsible for the meals, clothing, or medical care in the young girl or his offspring beneath his...

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