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|Case Study: Not simply Another Outdoor Company

Case Situation

The company we could discussing this time, based in Portland, Oregon, was the brainchild of a small group of executives whom left big-time jobs at Patagonia, Nike, and Nike. These individuals distributed a belief that " in addition to generating money, companies provide an equal responsibility to create great social and environmental change”. Putting all their beliefs in action, the group shaped Nau (which is Maori for " Welcome! Arrive in”). And Nau is not only another outdoor company!

The moment deciding what Nau would definitely be like and just how it was doing business, the founders find out they did not want to do things the way they will always been made by traditional businesses. CEO Bob Van Fag said, " We started with a clean whiteboard. We believed almost every operational aspect in our organization was an opportunity to turn traditional business ideas inside out, integrating environmental, interpersonal, and economic factors”. By design to sales to finances, Nau is influenced by these types of factors. Everything is Nau's operation has been approached with a sustainability and social justice " Filter”.

In the design and style area, the corporation, in partnership with suppliers, developed 24 of it is 32 textiles to be more sustainable also to combine functionality and visual appeal. Each supplier, manufacturer, as well as Nau alone is certain by a code of conduct. To ensure that both sides are living up to the standards, their very own actions will be overseen simply by an independent, non-profit auditing and research organization. In the sales area, the way the company retails it is product is also unique. Utilizing a concept it calls a " Web-front”, Nau provides combined the efficiency with the Web with all the intimacy of the gallery-like boutique. In the " store”, customers can try on clothes,...