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How exactly does the representative Steven Spielberg, use film techniques to express one or more designs in his film, War from the Worlds? Steven Spielberg utilizes many approaches, in his film, War of the Worlds, which include camera work, actors and sound effects to convey various designs such as friends and family relationships. An initial scene, ‘Eve of the War', establishes the relationships numerous family specifically around the central character Beam Ferrier (Tom Cruise) which are built upon in ‘Coming of the Invaders'. ‘Worst of Man' is known as a turning point inside the story where Ray's character is produced to reveal the love for his children. In ‘The Fight Begins', Spielberg uses sound-effects to convey the development in Robbie's relationship with Ray. ‘Underfoot' and ‘Earth Under Them', are some of the closing displays where the magnitude of Ray's relationship with Rachel Ferrier (Dakota Fanning) is realized and his like his emphasized, further producing this motif. ‘Eve in the War' is among the first displays in the film where different camera angles and conversation are used to build relationships inside the family. The relationship between of Mary-Anne (Miranda Otto) and Ray Ferrier in ‘Eve of the War' is skillfully shown simply using a low viewpoint shot to look up in Mary-Anne although she talks down at Ray imparting that the girl with the outstanding in their romance and also even more competent. Nevertheless the key romance is established in ‘Coming in the Invaders', among Robbie and Ray when they play get. As the argument together heats up, they throw the ball harder by one another until Ray fractures the window by throwing a ball at it showing the tension between them. Through Robbie's conversation, Ray's incompetence as a dad is stressed as "[he will not] pay for [schooling], Harry does”. Robbie's direct assertion to Beam, " If you're an asshole” amplifies how unscrupulous and unusual this kind of father-son relationship is. Ray's bond together with his daughter, Rachel Ferrier (Dakota Fanning) reveals how irresponsible he is and...