Epekto Ng Bawal Em Gamot Essay

Systems of Orchard Planting and

Planting Patterns

Booklet No . 10

Orchard Management: OMS - one particular



I. Introduction

II. Devices of Seeding

III. Laying out for Planting Trees

IV. Calculation of Number of Trees

V. Work out on the Evaluation of Range of Trees

MIRE. Conclusion

VII. Appendix


Different patterns can be used for seeding fruit woods in a provided area. This sort of designs are explained with this booklet within a simple and articulate style.

Practically every one of the sections with this book need careful study. Yet , the reader need to distinguish between the systems with care before he can lay out on the discipline. Calculation from the number of saplings of the selected fruit trees and shrubs is made even more clear with an exercise and a ready recknoner.

Dr . T. T. Chandy, Agricultural & Environmental Education

I. Advantages

Layout of an orchard is very important. Layout means mending the position of trees, streets, buildings, etc . in an orchard being planned. There are various systems of design in an orchard. Systems of layout label the design of planting the trees and shrubs. It is attractive to have the forest planted within a systematic way because: (1) orchard operations like intercultural and irrigation are completed easily; (2) it allows the syndication of areas equally for each and every tree; (3) it results in maximum usage of an area according to different kinds of forest; and (4) it makes supervision simpler and successful.

II. Systems of Seeding

There are five systems of planting of fruit forest. In all these types of systems, trees and shrubs are planted in series. The distance between row to row and plant to plant varies with the program, type of fruits trees and their varieties. Tress with greater canopy require greater length between them and vice versa.

A. Square program

In square system the woods are planted in 4 corners of a square to get same range between line to row and grow to flower in the same row. This can be a simplest and easiest approach to plantation. (Appendix Fig. 1).


1 ) Irrigation channels and routes can be manufactured straight.

installment payments on your Operations just like ploughing, harrowing, cultivation, bringing out and harvesting becomes convenient. 3. Better supervision with the orchard may be possible as one gets a view of the orchard in one end for the other.


1 . Fairly less range of trees are accommodated in given region. 2 . Range between grow to flower and line to row remains precisely the same and, hence, certain amount of space in the midst of four trees is thrown away.

B. Rectangular system

In rectangle-shaped system the trees are planted in the same way as in a square program except that the distance between line to row will be more than the distance between plant to plant inside the same line. Four surrounding trees from this system generate a rectangular style. (Appendix Fig. 2).


1 . Intercultural operations can be executed easily.

2 . Irrigation funnel can be made length and breadth wise

3. Light can permeate into the orchard through the huge inter places between rows. 4. Better supervision is possible.

5. Intercropping is possible.


1 . A large area of the orchard between rows is thrown away if intercropping is not practised. installment payments on your Less quantity of trees are planted.

C. Quincunx or Diagonal system

Basically, quincunx or perhaps diagonal strategy is the same as the square system aside from the addition of a tree in the heart of each sq .. In this program, the number of woods planted in the same region is almost twice. But the length between the trees and shrubs is much decreased. For this reason, forest with short life space are chosen for the middle. By the time the primary trees advance to full size, the central woods will have completed their lifestyle cycle. The central forest are known as filler harvest and the others as main crop. In case the filler crop hinders seriously the growth of main trees and shrubs, it should be eliminated Papaya, Grape, Lime, plum and appricots...


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