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 Donald Trump Essay

AlexanderВ MorenoВ

ResearchВ BiographyВ

Mister. FrangellaВ

JanuaryВ 29, В 2015В

DonaldВ TrumpВ

" DonaldВ TrumpВ isВ theВ veryВ definitionВ ofВ theВ AmericanВ successВ story” (​ DonaldВ


)В DonaldВ TrumpВ isВ aВ successfulВ businessman, В entrepreneur, В andВ televisionВ hostВ inВ hisВ ownВ showsВ В " TheВ CelebrityВ Apprentice” andВ " TheВ Apprentice”.   ​ HisВ energyВ andВ

assertive attitude,  personality,  and economic knowledge are a major part of his self­made success. ​

HisВ wealthВ andВ successВ willВ leaveВ behindВ aВ legacyВ andВ isВ anВ exampleВ ofВ theВ economicВ opportunityВ inВ theВ UnitedВ States. В В

Trump's early years are a major part of what has made him successful in the past and in the present. ​


Donald John Trump was born on June 14,  1946 in the city of Queens,  New York  into the family of Frederick C.  and Mary MacLeod Trump.   His daddy,  Frederick C.  Trump was a real­estate developer and builder.  He owned multiple middle income apartment buildings in Queens.  Donald's mom was a philanthropist,  working with different charities.  Donald Trump was an energetic and assertive child and according to the site ​

Biography. com​

В В 

" His parents sent him to the New York Military Academy,  hoping the discipline would help channel his energy in a positive manner. ” Trump was very successful in the academy,  in both social and academic aspects.  In Biogragraphy. com ​

itВ continuesВ toВ statesВ thatВ " TrumpВ didВ wellВ academicallyВ andВ socially, В risingВ toВ beВ astarВ athleteВ andВ studentВ leaderВ byВ theВ timeВ heВ graduatedВ inВ 1964”. В


AlexanderВ MorenoВ

ResearchВ BiographyВ

Mr. FrangellaВ

JanuaryВ 29, В 2015В

Trump's efforts and work in the business world have made him the extremely wealthy man he is today. ​


HeВ isВ currentlyВ worthВ currentlyВ isВ 4$В Billion, В andВ ownsВ multipleВ realВ­estateВ properties. В HeВ alsoВ ownsВ manyВ hotels, В restaurants, В casinos, В andВ evenВ variousВ golfВ coursesВ inВ theВ UnitedВ statesВ asВ wellВ asВ internationally. В TrumpВ alsoВ...

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