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 Do I Want to Be an Expatriate? Essay

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Do I Want To Be An Expatriate?

Various students desire becoming an expatriate or be doing work for some multinational firm while using prospect of to be provided the foreign assignment in near future. Not unusual in these days. Let alone the students inside my university system – International Management, where the word Foreign emphasizes the near future international work background. However , during my studies I've already tried the life abroad 3 times. My initial experience was summer work in United States for 3 months this year, then immediately after summer I went to Laxa, sweden for my own Erasmus exchange program which usually took five months and the most current and latest experience includes Erasmus internship in Spain during this summertime which had taken three months. These types of three sojourns abroad persuaded me that I will HARDLY EVER accept an international assignment. You will discover way too many elements why really highly potential I will reject the international offer via my company. Factor N°1 – Meals

Disgusting! Whether you're in United States, Sweden or Spain, the food is completely different from the foodstuff at home. Just before I left to US, because my initial international environment in which I had to stay a lot more than month, I've never got three consecutive days with no soup. Imaginable my stomachache and distaste in US, where they will don't have even the tea spoon for soups! Only tiny one to get yogurts! I believed I was having a three months long nightmare. The bread? Like a chewing gum! And sweet! Salty butter, almond butter (ewww! ) or weirdly seeking tomato failed to improve my personal mood at all and I begun to feel strong compassion toward American population addicted to take out. Even I, strong opposer of junk food fare, started to eat all the junkfood accessible in the fast food snackbar exactly where I worked. Even though We worked in Christmas motif amusement playground, the only day when...