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Throughout a US Civil War battle, Union Military services Officer Lieutenant John J. Dunbar discovers that his injured leg is to be amputated. Seeing many other soldiers with amputated hip and legs, he denies amputation and attempts suicide by using a horses across the brand of fire, involving the Union and Confederate. His action has the unexpected effect of uniting his mates, who also storm the distracted Confederates and succeed the fight. After the fight, an experienced general's surgeon kept Dunbar's lower leg. The powerful officer recognizes Dunbar being a hero and provides him Carbonilla, the horse who taken him in battle, and offers Dunbar his choice of placing. He was troubled to see the Traditional western frontier ahead of it concluded so he requested to transfer west. After a lengthy journey, Dunbar arrives with supplies with the desolate Fort Sedgwick, locating it deserted except for a lone wolf that Dunbar later complies with and titles Two Clothes, because of the coloring of its front lower limbs. Dunbar, when waiting for rearrangements to arrive, models about delivering order to the deserted content, left in complete disturbance ? turbulence by its previous passengers. Meanwhile, Dunbar's companion kept to go back to metropolis, in try to ask for assistance of Dunbar's post, is ambushed by Pawnee Indians and scalped. His companion's death and the suicide with the major whom sent these people there prevents Union officers from learning of Dunbar's assignment towards the post, effectively isolating Dunbar. He remains to be unaware of the complete situation as well as implications. He notes in his journal how strange it truly is that no longer soldiers sign up for him at the post. He initially activities Sioux neighbors when the tribe's medicine gentleman, Kicking Bird, fumbles upon the fortification while Dunbar bathes out of sight, and, assuming it forgotten, attempts for capturing Dunbar's horses, Cisco. After Dunbar scares off Hitting Bird, he is confronted by a great aggressive warrior named Wind in His Locks, who reports that he could be not fearful of the white-colored man. Sooner or later, Dunbar establishes a...