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 Coun 500 Personal Id Paper


Specialist Identity

She'la S Light

Liberty College or university


This kind of paper will give you the reader which has a reflection of my specialist identity. This will focus on the role of a professional counselor and the dissimilarities between a specialist counselor and other related experts. It will also integrate how religious and psychic beliefs can easily impact professional counseling. It is going to summarize my personal beliefs and values and what I plan to do so that Let me not inflict my philosophy on clients. Also, Let me reflect on what I have learned throughout this course and exactly how it will influence my foreseeable future as a counselor.

Professional Identity

Section I actually: Professional Counselor Role

The role of the professional counselor is to give mental overall health services and substance abuse care to individuals, families, and teams (American Counselling Association, 2011). The professional counselor is usually trained to allow clients to obtain their " mental health, wellness, education, and job goals” (Neukrug, p. your five, 2014). There are many different fields in counseling including social work, psychology, pastoral counseling, and psychiatry. All fields in counseling possess similar goals to enable and support clients in every areas of life, however , you will find huge differences between them every. There are several types of professional advisors. Professional advisors include institution counselors, medical mental wellness counselors, marital life and family counselors, habit counselors, scholar affairs and college counselors, and rehab counselors (Neukrug, 2014). Almost all professional counselors have a master's degree in counselling, which provides associated with broad exercising and expertise in specific, group, and family guidance, administering and interpreting checks, and conducting research, in order to name some (Neukrug, 2014). Professional advisors differ from additional fields of counseling from your trainings provided in different applications. Other related mental health professionals have different degrees, accrediting bodies, and credentials. For example , a professional counselor has masters in therapies and is approved by more than one of these interactions, Council intended for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP), Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Remedy Education (COAMFTE), and Authorities on Rehab Education (CORE). In contrast, a psychologist would have a doctorate in mindset, will be licensed by the Commission rate on Certification of the American Psychological Organizations. Also, a social staff member would have a master's in social job from a course accredited by the Council upon Social Operate Education. In conclusion, professional consultants differ from similar mental medical researchers based on the degree in which trainings are different, the accrediting human body, and credentials. In my quest towards learning to be a Licensed Professional Counselor, my own role like a counselor will change drastically over the process. At present, I own a bachelor's degree in psychology and that poses limits on the things i can and cannot perform in the field of guidance. For example , a counselor with a bachelor's level must be medically supervised by someone who is familiar with the laws in the field plus they cannot create nor execute clinical examination. In the future, I am able to conduct and write clinical checks, supervise consultants, and most notably have the ability to practice independently and have third party refund privileges. Third party reimbursement is one of the most important areas of becoming a certified counselor as the insurance companies have to reimburse for them for guidance and psychotherapy (Neukrug, 2014). Also within my journey, knowledge and experience will always develop that can potentially make me a better counselor than I was in the past. My father is a psychologist and over the years I have seen him...

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