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 Essay about Consolidation in Banking

1 ) Introduction In our daily life, we are able to receive banking service from banks and branches whose headquarters may from different city, area or land. This is because bank consolidation has improved bank expansion during the past decades. It's true that many banks regard consolidation as a technique for their growth and development in new market. Debt consolidation usually contain mergers and acquisitions. The former one means two impartial companies incorporate as a fresh one, these one means a lender has a handling interest in different firms however they still remain independently. (Heffernan, 2005 ) The following part of the article will probably be divided in third parts. The initially part can focus the causes, trends and effects of debt consolidation in bank industry. The 2nd part is principally about the advantages and disadvantages of consolidations pertaining to the market and world. The last part is evaluation about issues consolidation provide for the government bodies. 2 . Consolidation in Banking Sector 2 . 1 . Reasons behind Consolidation inside the Financial Sector There are lots of concerns concerning regarding banking debt consolidation. The basic is the motivation. Why banking companies want to mergers and acquisitions? DeYoung, Evanoff and Molyneux think the primary basis for banking loan consolidation is economic and technologies in the industry ( DeYoung, Evanoff and Molyneux, 2009). This really is concerned to become a significant factor because after having a wave of new technology, the structure in the industry will change seeing that all banks make becomes fit to

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positions in the marketplace. Small banking institutions usually stay disadvantaged placement, because that they don't have adequate facts and cash compared that to much larger banks. Thus many small banks struggle to survive or go bankruptcy after improvements, finally they will decide to debt consolidation to get better creation. To the greater banks, they may be stronger in competition, they can be willing to combine with all those smaller banking companies to be more competitive in the market. However , Researches show that technologies distributed to little banks quickly because of third-party technology sellers and decreasing costing of technology delivery in recent years. (Frame and White colored, 2004; offered in DeYoung, 2007 ). Therefore this cannot be regard as an significant explanation now. Several researchers argue that the better explanation intended for banking debt consolidation is the romantic relationship paradigm among market electric power and profitability (market-power theory). (Shepherd, 1982 and Berger, 1995. Reported in Santillán-Salgado, 2005 ). They addresses that in banking industry, " businesses with large market shares can reach the minimal economic range of operations to develop a differentiated base of products which can be priced at reduced to obtain amazing profits(efficiency-structure hypothesis). ” ( Santillán-Salgado, 2006, p85). For this reason reason, in order to earn even more profits, banks want to boost market shares. Mergers and acquisitions would be the most important way for corporate restructuring and expand corporate scale in fresh markets. We could never disregard another important basis for consolidation

------Deregulation in financial industry worldwide. Take the U. S. as one example, the Riegle-Neal Act in 1994 is a great prove of deregulatory efforts loosened the constraints in banking activities and branching. However , some researchers asserted that most mergers associated with deregulatory process shown pent-up demand that

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the influence of deregulation to financial consolidation must not be doubt. installment payments on your 2 . A global Trends The numbers of business banks and branches...

Offered: in Dogarawa 2010). 5. Conclusion This article main focus on the reasons, styles, effects and challenges of

consolidation in banking industry and gives a lot of brief introduction and evaluation.