Celta Task 1 Article

CELTA Task 1

I've been waiting here for two hours.

1 . That means

I was waiting here 2 hours ago.

We am still waiting here.

2 . Kind

Subject + have/has + past participle (been) & present participle

3. Pronunciation

Contraction of I and have. Been has a short /i/. Stress in ‘/Wei/' in waiting.

4. Eliciting

Demonstrate picture you of a guy standing having a clock previously mentioned his mind. The time is 12pm. Present picture two of the gentleman still standing but the clock now says 2pm and he appears unhappy while seeking at his watch. Inquire – Precisely what is he doing? He's waiting around.

How long pertaining to? 2 hours.

Is usually he nonetheless waiting? Yes

To generate – " so give me a word, I.... ”

5. Idea Questions

Was he ready 2 hours in the past? Yes

Is he continue to waiting right now? Yes

6th. Anticipated Difficulties + Solutions

Form: Subject matter +have/has + past participle (been) & present participle. Students may well say My spouse and i has or perhaps he have got. They may declare " I'm waiting for 2 hours”. They might say " wait” instead of " waiting”. Solution: Drill. Highlight kind on white board.

Phonology: Pupils might mistakenly pronounce recently been by extending the " ee”. /i: / rather than /i/. Learners might not utilize contraction We've, you've, she has etc . College students might set stress in wrong syllables. Solution: Exercise and version on hands, write phonemes on whiteboard.

Concept: College students might think " waiting” only identifies something that occurs now. Solution: Draw schedule on whiteboard

It suits you -versus- It fits you

1 . Meaning


I think good upon you.

You and the item go well jointly.


Really not too small for you personally.

It's not really too big for yourself

It's the proper size for you.

It's the correct shape for you personally.

2 . Type

(For both) Subject + present straightforward +s & Object

several. Pronunciation

Matches – Tension on entire word.

Suits – aje sounds like /u: /.

some. Eliciting


Show pupils a picture of any man wearing clothes that are too little for him. Ask – Are the outfits too big or small to get him? Yes

Show learners a picture of the man with clothes that fit him.

Ask – Are the outfits too big or perhaps small intended for him? Not any

To elicit – " So , the clothes..... ”




Present students an image of a man wearing a green jumper with flowers onto it. Ask – does this great on him? No

Demonstrate students a photo of a person with a nice shirt about.

Ask – Does this look nice on him? Yes

To elicit – " The shirt...... ”



5. Strategy Questions


Is it too big for you? No

Is it as well small for you personally? No

Could it be the right size for you? Certainly


Can it look awful on you? Not any

Does it look good on you? Yes

6. Awaited Difficulties + Solutions

Form: Subject + base contact form + Subject – Pertaining to fits, the scholars might get the subject and the target mixed up and say; " I suit it”, although, " My spouse and i suit it” is acceptable. Students might drop the inflected h in third person type, or put it to other forms, for example. It go well with me, My spouse and i suits it. Solution: Exercise and focus on form on whiteboard.

Phonology: Students may well mispronounce fit as /sju: ts/.

Remedy: Drill and model in fingers, publish phonemes about whiteboard.

Strategy: Students may mix up the meanings.

Remedy: Ask CCQs and correct when ever appropriate


Suit and fit can act as word and phrase replacements in another that means. For example , " music that fits my mood” is the same as " music that suits my personal mood”. This has nothing to do with getting too big/small or searching good/bad. In the event students know already this meaning, it could pose a problem. Solution: If students know the dimensions of the other which means of go well with and suit, explain that that that means is different. Make clear that many terms in English language have different meanings.

I wish I did not live in Greater london

1 . Meaning

I reside in London.

We don't want to live in Greater london.

I have simply no plans to go from London.

2 . Type

Subject + base type + subject matter + past simple+not

a few. Pronunciation

Weak /t/ in didn't. Stress on wish.

4. Eliciting

Show an image of a man with a presentation bubble over his mind saying " I abhor living in London...


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