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Trimester 2, 2014/2015

General details:


Group (group members shall not go over 3 students per group)


This kind of assignment leads to 20% to the total represents.


subscription (if any)


Pupil Learning Period

This job shall consider 12 hours to complete.



Distribution to

Cover page


Font size

Line space



Reference structure



Please utilize the cover page given below

Instances New Both roman


1 ) 5


*Due date: 26-January-2015 (Monday, Week 14) before five. 00pm.

Mapping of task learning outcomes to subject matter learning final results: Assignment's Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this kind of assignment, college students

should be able to:


Formulate and solve business decision

producing problems while mathematical complications.


Make use of appropriate equipment such as Microsoft company Excel

to resolve business related problems.

Subject matter Learning Results

Upon completion of this subject matter, students should be in a position


Analyze the business decision making problems


and formulate as numerical problems.

(Affective, Level 2)

Apply appropriate tools to get problem solving.


(Cognitive, Level 3)


1 . Suitably use Microsoft Excel, whenever feasible, to solve all the questions given below. All the questions are found from the textbook.

Textbook: Give, B., Step, R. M., Hanna, M. E. and Hale, T. S., 2014. Quantitative Research for Management, 12th edition, Pearson. ISBN: 10-0133507335.

The internet URL link:

2 . Please select your address section and write your student IDENTIFICATION number and name in the cover page of the statement.

3. I implore you to submit the typewritten hard form report to the lecturer. four. Submission deadline is upon 26-January-2015 (Monday, Week 14). Kindly always be reminded that late submitting of assignment/project will be penalized at the discernment of the teacher.

Question one particular (Chapter three or more. Internet case – Snowboarding right):

Following retiring like a physician, Greg Guthrie became an avid all downhill skier for the steep slopes of the Ut Rocky Mountains. As a great amateur inventor, Bob was always trying to find something new. Together with the recent fatalities of many celebrity snowboarders, Bob knew he would use his creative mind to make skiing more secure and his savings account larger. He knew that numerous deaths within the slopes had been caused by brain injuries. Even though ski helmets have been available for some time, most skiers considered them monotonous and quite simply ugly. Like a physician, Frank knew that some type of fresh ski helmet was the solution.

Bob's biggest challenge was going to invent a helmet that was appealing, safe, and fun to wear. Multiple hues, using the most recent fashion models would be a need to. After years of skiing, Bob knew that many skiers assumed that how you looked on the slopes was more important than how you skied. His helmets would have to look great and remain in current fashion trends. But eye-catching helmets weren't enough. Greg had to make the helmets fun and useful. The new skiing helmet, Ski Right, was sure to be considered a winner. In the event Bob could come up with a good option, he thought that there were a 20% chance which the market pertaining to the Snowboarding Right Motorcycle helmet would be superb. The chance of the good marketplace should be forty percent. Bob as well knew the market for his motorcycle helmet could be just average (30% chance) or perhaps poor (10% chance).

The thought of how to make ski helmets thrilling useful came to Bob on the gondola ride to the leading of a hill. A busy professional on the gondola ride was on his cellular phone trying to develop a complicated combination. When the executive got from the gondola, this individual dropped the phone and it was crushed by the gondola mechanism. Bob made the decision that his new snowboarding helmet might have a built/in cell phone and an AM / FM Stereo a radio station. All of the electronic devices could be controlled by a control pad put on on a skier's arm or perhaps leg. Frank decided to try a small pilot...