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Passenger Booking System

Issue Description

Rutgers Flow is a traveling transportation organization. They are situated in Cleveland and offer several bus lines that go to a number of destinations. The corporation currently provides about one particular, 000 busses spread over 60 routes. Of those, 700 will be regular, 200 are semi-luxury, and the leftover are very deluxe busses. The with capacity of capacities happen to be 48, 40, and thirty-six, respectively. Getting reservations before hand facilitates the planning process. For that reason, the company is encouraging concerns of in least one week in advance by providing better rates.

As the business grew, the company encountered difficulties in managing passenger reservations. The managers made a decision to computerize the reservation system. For this purpose they built a database that keeps detailed documents of the buses owned, routes offered, traveling reservations, and so forth They are now in the act of building a database decision support program that will aid the process of managing passenger bookings.

Database Design

We present the primary entity types of this repository. For each enterprise type, you can expect some of the corresponding attributes. Employ this information in order to: (a) Build an Improved E-R plan; (b) Enhance the Enhanced E-R diagram to a relational databases. Identify the principal key(s) and the foreign key(s) for each relationship. Draw the relational integrality constraints; (c) For each of the relations produced, indicate the normal type. If the regards is not in the 3NF, decompose that into 3NF relations.

1 ) Bus: The key attributes happen to be identification number, brand name, capability, category, points, unit expense, etc .

installment payments on your Passenger: The key attributes are identification quantity, name, treat, e-mail, birthday, current stability, etc .

a few. Route: The key attributes are identification quantity, origin, vacation spot, starting as well as day (of the week), arrival some day, length, price, etc .

4. Trip: The main features are recognition number, origin, destination, starting time and working day, arrival some day, length, price, etc .

Note the following: (a) When a passenger makes a reservation, the following data is registered: number of car seats reserved, particular concession needed, etc . If seats are available, seats in the passenger's decision are designated. However , if seats are generally not available, the system provides alternatives to help the passenger come to a decision. (b) A route consists of a number of outings. For example , the route Cleveland-Miami includes the following outings: Cleveland-Cincinnati, Cincinnati-Atlanta, Atlanta-Jacksonville, Jacksonville-Orlando, and Orlando-Miami; (c) People get a discount for reservations made at least 1 week in advance. (d) Students and seniors get a 50% discount. (e) Staff and their qualified family members may possibly travel at no cost once a year to get a maximum of 3, 000 miles. (f) A passenger stores as many seating as the quantity of family members which can be traveling. The program should retain detailed advice about the passenger's household.

Access Software Development

Listed here are some of the queries, forms, and reports one can possibly create in order to increase the functionality of the repository:


1 ) The following group of queries assists in the passenger booking process:

a. List the route numbers that make a stop at the destination wanted by the passenger. This destination could be the last or a great intermediate stage of the path.

b. List the total number of available seats for a particular way on a particular date.

c. Present the earliest date on what a certain range of seats are around for a particular destination on a particular route.

deb. Present the price tag on travel by simply various bus...