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п»їThere is no generally accepted definition of art. Even though commonly used to describe something of beauty, or a skill which usually produces a great aesthetic end result, there is no very clear line in principle among (say) a distinctive piece of handmade sculpture, and a mass-produced but creatively attractive item. We might admit art needs thought -- some kind of innovative impulse -- but this raises more questions: for instance , how much thought is required? If someone flings paint for a fabric, hoping at this time action to create a work of art, will the result quickly constitute fine art? Even the idea of 'beauty' raises obvious questions. If I think my kid sister's unmade bed constitutes a thing 'beautiful', or perhaps aesthetically pleasing, really does that make it artwork? If certainly not, does its status change when a million persons happen to believe me, but my kid sister considers it is just a heap of clothes?

Before trying to determine art, the initial thing to be aware of, is its big scope. Skill is a global activity which in turn encompasses a host of exercises, as evidenced by the selection of words and phrases that have been invented to spell out its numerous forms. Instances of such phraseology include: " Fine Arts", " Tolerante Arts", " Visual Arts", " Decorative Arts", " Applied Arts", " Design", " Crafts", " Performing Arts", etc. Drilling down, many specific categories are classified according to the elements used, such as: drawing, portrait, sculpture (inc. ceramic sculpture), " cup art", " metal art", " illuminated gospel manuscripts", " vaporizador art", " fine art photography", " animation", and so on. Sub-categories include: portrait in herbal oils, watercolours, acrylics; sculpture in bronze, rock, wood, porcelain; to name nevertheless a tiny few. Other sub-branches include different genre categories, like: story, portrait, genre-works, landscape, continue to life. In addition , entirely new forms of fine art have appeared during the 20th century, such as: assemblage, conceptualism, collage, earthworks, installation, graffiti, and video,...